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Galactic Command Gearing Changes, 5.1 and Beyond

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Galactic Command Gearing Changes, 5.1 and Beyond
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.20.2017 , 02:28 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by FireFoxed View Post
Thanks for recognizing the changes are not enough, but to reiterate why the legacy boosts won't help at all: Nobody I know thinks buys lots of CM cxp boosts makes playing alts any more appealing, so I don't know why adding a 15% boost that doesn't stack with that helps at all.
People ask for legacy wide CxP, instead you get boost tokens.

I swear no one at BioWare must have spent more than five minutes thinking about the problems this was going to cause in game. Either that, or Ben has an under-served ego the size of Texas and nobody challenged him on just how utterly stupid this system was... and it is about to get much worse.

How do they expect players to figure this out when they were too stupid to handle 3 crystal currencies and WZ commendations?

Complete hypocrites.
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01.20.2017 , 02:32 PM | #22
Damit I hoped there would be only 1 tier of token so getting faster low ranks could get tokens for tier 3 gear. 3 Tiers makes you need tier 3 command rank and means this system actually could be confusing for some people.

Unassembled components from GSF - It's great that they changed their minds and did this instead of warzones being the only option.

10% CXP legacy perk - Nice.

New CXP boost - way too expensive, completely pointless when you can just buy the current 20% boost for 1m credits these days.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kyrrant View Post

2: Has there been any discussion about Disintegration values? 200 CXP seems like a really, really awful amount to get back, if you're not getting actually useful gear items in the packs. This could really stand to be buffed, it'd make the sting of a useless pack a lot softer, but I haven't seen much discussion about it come up.
Also this. Disintegration should be a % of a full rank, not a static amount. Disintegrating tier 3 items should not give you 400 CXP and barely make a contribution compared to that 400 being 30% of a rank at low ranks.

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01.20.2017 , 02:32 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks,

One of the biggest concerns expressed is Galactic Command forces a player into working only on one character. Although that wasn’t our intention, we agree with you.
You are actually admitting that you guys really didn't have a clue this was going to happen? You have now confirmed what many believed when you refused to listen to warning not to launch this system.

Good luck. Once this month runs out for me the only time I'll have to worry about this system is when the shareholder report come out (yeah, I actually happen to be one of them too).
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01.20.2017 , 02:38 PM | #24
Thanks for the communication and thanks for listening. It's not a perfect system but it's very cool to see some steps being taken to try and iron things out.

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01.20.2017 , 02:41 PM | #25
So let me sub money goes for developing solutions for features implemented by a dev team that made the game worst than it was before 5.0....and also, i have to read they agree on those mistakes but the solutions proposed in the new patch are;

1. Spending credits for a perk so i can keep grinding for a piece of gear
2. Spending cash for a boost so i can keep grinding for a piece of gear
3. A couple of "hey guys we know u know" about content and lack of new stuff

Sons, I did not vote for u guys, I PAY for this game. ok? there's a big difference if u are a politician or an enterprise deliveriing a service that FAILS. So pls stop making promises and beeing POLITE and DELIVER SOLUTIONS.

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01.20.2017 , 02:49 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
•New Character Legacy Perk: Increase all Command XP Earned by 2/4/6/8/10%.
So, will this be a true "Legacy" perk, that you buy once, and it will apply to all characters in your Legacy (like Rocket Boost)?

Or will it be like the other "Legacy" xp boosts, and be purchased through your Legacy, and require certain Legacy level(s) to unlock, but need to be purchased over and over (and over, and over, and ...) for every character?
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01.20.2017 , 02:51 PM | #27 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Quote: Originally Posted by Jerba View Post
So players above Command Rank 300 will have their additional effort wasted, e.g. someone who got 310 Command Crates will only get tokens for 300 ranks?
There will be compensation for players who have gone above 300 crates.

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01.20.2017 , 02:55 PM | #28
Well done.

I suggest that you take time in the livestream to address the most commonly asked for "solutions" such as legacy CXP and why you chose not to go that route (weekly rewards, progression).

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01.20.2017 , 03:17 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

Galactic Command Gearing Alt-unfriendly
One of the biggest concerns expressed is Galactic Command forces a player into working only on one character. Although that wasn’t our intention, we agree with you.
This is just.... unreal... You implement a ludicrous soul crushing grind, with a very clear intention that should take a really long itme, per character and you didn't anticipate this ?
Did you really expect people to keep playing several characters and to be Tier 1 on all of them for who knows how long ? Seriously ?
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

For starters, in 5.1 we are implementing the Legacy-wide currency of Command Tokens, legacy bound boosts you can purchase with Command Tokens, and the legacy perk to speed up leveling. We know that isn’t enough, so we are exploring additional options so that when you are playing any character, there is a way to potentially provide benefit to all other characters in your legacy as well. I have no specifics to share at this time, but I am working to have more details available for our January 26th Livestream.
Please, stop convoluting even further an already messy system. Just make it Legacy wide and be done with it. This is just silly....

And legacy bound boosts bought with Command So you burn your command tokens to buy a boost to get command tokens... Sounds exciting.

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01.20.2017 , 03:20 PM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
[*]New currency: Unassembled Components – This currency is a reward for playing Warzones and Galactic Starfighter and can be used to purchase Unassembled Gear Pieces.
[*]Unassembled Component Vendor: On this vendor you can turn in Unassembled Components to purchase a specific Unassembled Gear Piece. You can only purchase Tier 1 Unassembled Pieces in this way. However, you can turn in Tier 1 pieces along with Unassembled Components to upgrade them to Tier 2 and 3 respectively. Refer to this forum post for more details on this vendor.
Since Unassembled Components are being given out for both Warzones and Starfighter, does that mean that there won't be a valor requirement to access the vendor to upgrade gear?