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Galactic Command Gearing Changes, 5.1 and Beyond

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Galactic Command Gearing Changes, 5.1 and Beyond
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03.03.2017 , 12:22 PM | #241
Quote: Originally Posted by Heal-To-Full View Post
Who cares about whether it qualifies under however established a definition of endgame? What matters is if it's an enjoyable game. And it is.
So you are saying that Galactic Command is the game? If so then I find the game to be convoluted, unfriendly and nothing but a blind lottery grind. Hopefully today's announcements are the first steps to removing it from MMO loot tables and progression, and relegating it to being a parallel side-game for achievements and fluff where it belongs.

This game deserves way better than Galactic Command. Way better.
Can we please just have our pre-KotFE SWTOR MMORPG back?