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Make Group ranked an event each month.

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Make Group ranked an event each month.

blackopsranger's Avatar

10.13.2019 , 04:23 PM | #1
Just saying we should have group ranked as an event each week and you should have to get "buy in authorizations" each time from the solo ranked weekly.

Here's why:
1. Never really seems to be any teams in queue and yet leader boards show otherwise. Who are they playing against? Where?
2. Teams that are interested but new will simply be farmed by the only other team in queue. This is demoralizing and then they never queue again. By forcing all teams to queue closer together it is more likely that they will play other new teams. Simply put it will also prevent a team from starting 10-0 who might otherwise go 5-5.
3. Group ranked players claim to be more effective at "determining course of action" on picking targets. That said forcing them to do solo will spread that knowledge to others.
4. solo ranked tends to be poorly balanced and almost never tanks, and more often than not no healers. these players doing solo ranked will provide more "group-like" matches in solo ranked.
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TrixxieTriss's Avatar

10.14.2019 , 03:52 PM | #2
I’d play 6v6 team ranked if they had it, but using some of the 8v8 layouts (not objectives) and only 1 tank and healer
To me, 4v4 feels like a dead format or maybe I should rephrase and say “stale” format. You are limited to only 4 or 5 class/specs being seen as viable for years (cause Bioware don’t change the meta)
I wouldn’t mind 2v2 or 3v3 with no healers or tanks in that format (but then you are limiting people who only play those).
I think 6v6 would be much more dynamic, especially on a larger map (but shrunk down a bit), with no objectives. You’d also have more viability in classes.

Edit: don’t bite my head off. I know my idea is a bit whack a doodle for most of you

Siouve's Avatar

10.18.2019 , 12:24 PM | #3
3v3 no tank no class stacking would be fine

Jinre_the_Jedi's Avatar

10.18.2019 , 12:52 PM | #4
I can try to put together a group ranked event once a month, or maybe even bi-weekly, but it would require a lot of coordination and cooperation from the community to make it work.