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Thoughts from a new player...

The_Dead_God's Avatar

11.13.2019 , 06:24 PM | #1
Been playing two or so months now, and after paying for a sub, patching for obscene amounts of time, logging in and logging out because I can't get off my ship or my hot bar has completely disappeared when this is a known bug that's been around for years, fighting to climb steps because for some reason it seems the game registers a barrier in front of me, long down times and delays in updates, having inventory items disappear, having quests that I can't complete because something doesn't load right or an objective does not appear, being stuck targeting a combat dummy even though I am well across the map from it, and other generally aggravating but not game breaking bugs, when I'm left with no other course but to completely uninstall and reinstall the game because for some reason it can not connect with the UI, I feel it's probably best I part ways.

It's not me, it's you.


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