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PVP Dec questions

Godsfate's Avatar

04.28.2013 , 10:41 PM | #1
First time really being involved on my sin for pvp and I have a few general questions...

I'm running deception right now, used to use wakajin back in the day but haven't really gone back to it yet since spec I'm running is pretty fun so far. I'm wondering though what other sins are going for in regards to augments, gear, stats?

Just finished my partisan set and I'm working on conquerors now but I don't really know anything about augments since they weren't in the game when I left. What are people using? With gear I see most are going for the 2 power relics so I'm shooting for those as well. And finally, with stats... what is priority? I read a lot about people wanting to stack willpower over all, but then every so often I find a post that counters that, what's general opinion?

Thanks in advance for any help!