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The Best PvP Shadow Build for Winning (32/3/11)

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The Best PvP Shadow Build for Winning (32/3/11)

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04.28.2013 , 04:29 AM | #11
Its going for specific things: pulling, interrupting caps/planting, and solocapping. People dont like this build because it doesnt DPS as good as 5/36/5, or use the KC tree to its fullest, but thats not the point. Getting moderately better damage wont influence the outcome of a game like pulling a hutball carier into the fire or stopping a cap with a 30m AOE.

People think that anything in the KC build has to be tanky, but pull and kicking people out of stealth is huge for winning a game.

I've played plenty with full infil and full KC and its great and has a lot of use, but Ive found I can influence a game's outcome better with this build. This sint me asking if this is a good build, this is me saying Ive tried a lot of stuff, and this is the best that Ive found for winning or losing a game.
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