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DPS (or heals!) augmenting alacrity

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DPS (or heals!) augmenting alacrity

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05.07.2015 , 08:51 AM | #1
OK. It seems there is this sweeping plague of (maybe?) complete misinformation that augmenting alacrity is *ever* a good idea. I see it all the time. Alacrity augments on Ebon Hawk, at last check, were going for about 30k credits more than any other augment.

*What* is the deal here. If you have say, 5 alacrity augments, you're foregoing 260 power, or 60 bonus damage, for *only* a reduction in GCD (for the most part) for melee classes. I can see perhaps for commandos/sages/slingers that use a lot of activated/channeled abilities, *maybe* it might be ahead as of 3.0. Prior to 3.0, it wasn't even a consideration. What has changed. Comments please.

For healers it seems to make zero sense since you've already got ~750 alacrity rating on your gear - you would think at this level, the DR would make it inherently suboptimal, when again you're foregoing 47 bonus healing as per the example above.

KBN, Oofalong, dipstik, if you guys see this, would love to hear any analysis or theories you've come across recently.

-Xylm, Ebon Hawk

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05.07.2015 , 02:17 PM | #2
honestly, from my toy dps model and even hammered out simulations (keren) i have seen that alacrity has a higher weight than mainstat or power. now, what many do not account for is latency and uptime. playing around with uptime will give very different results for optimal alacrity. the weights for tertiary stats do seem higher... but we dont have something like simulation craft for all the builds.

talks about some of this near end of post:

merc simulator you can play with:

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05.07.2015 , 02:43 PM | #3
Thanks, I'm wondering if any of the top parsers report having used alacrity augments (or anything other than power/main, except crit to move the power/crit choice to augments) to achieve their results. Everything seems theoretical to this point. As you said it seems even the smallest amount of latency would wash any benefit of high alacrity on the GCD.

Also, curious as to anything on stacking ultra-high levels of alacrity for healers.

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05.07.2015 , 04:31 PM | #4
Using orderken sheets, this is what i get, if starting at revanite optimal (assuming power/main augs), and adding 100 of each stat and divding the difference in hps by 100.

Mercenary 100 Base Weight
Primary 2880 5500 5456 0.4385
Power 4853 5499 5456 0.4342
Critical 741 5498 5456 0.4209
Surge 371 5497 5456 0.4100
Alacrity 829 5501 5456 0.4546

Operative 100 Base Weight
Primary 2880 5567 5524 0.4218
Power 5164 5567 5524 0.4283
Critical 430 5566 5524 0.4151
Surge 349 5563 5524 0.3899
Alacrity 851 5568 5524 0.4322

Sorcerer 100 Base Weight
Primary 2880 5088 5051 0.3698
Power 5518 5089 5051 0.3851
Critical 76 5088 5051 0.3732
Surge 278 5084 5051 0.3354
Alacrity 922 5088 5051 0.3717

so alacrity has best weight for all except sorcs, which want power, and crit is about equal to alacrity (if at optimal weights... which has a ton of alacrity and hardly any crit).

from my toy model, alacrity is still pretty useful at 90% uptime, when u get to 80% uptime, then it becomes pretty bad...

there are some weird alacrity builds for sents... but that may have changed.

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05.07.2015 , 05:34 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by dipstik View Post
Using orderken sheets, this is what i get, if starting at revanite optimal (assuming power/main augs)
OK admittedly, I really don't understand the tables. A brief explanation would be fantastic if you have time.

What I am asking is whether alacrity augments - not power/main - should ever be used, and to what extent.

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05.08.2015 , 10:37 AM | #6
so the last column with the weight states how much gain in dps you get from one point of that stat. the highest weight is the stat you would like more of. pre 3.0, main stat and power had higher weights than tertiary stats, but in 3.0, it seems like tertiary stats have higher weight (most likey due to the high hit values from main hand and off hand, and the power creep of gear and force/tech power).

so, if alacrity has more weight than power or main stat (which they do according to the table derived from the sheet) then it can be agued, bis would be augments of those until alacrity no longer has a higher weight than the next stat.

but again, alacrity is subject to downtime... but that argument im having a harder and harder time maintaining. part of me thinks downtime is downtime for all stats.

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05.08.2015 , 12:18 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by dipstik View Post
the power creep of gear and force/tech power.
"Power creep" meaning?
Quote: Originally Posted by dipstik View Post
bis would be augments of those until alacrity no longer has a higher weight than the next stat.
The $10MM question, at this point. Assuming 192 gear - 111 tertiary apiece:
- 777 accuracy rating on gear - mandatory
- 333 points remaining for surge or alacrity
- 728 points from augments for anything

So we have 1,061 total points to choose from power/main or tertiary, of which 333 are restricted to either surge or alacrity. The base of the issue then is clearly the optimal distribution of those 1,061 points. Again, I'd be curious to see how the top parsers are allocating those points.
Quote: Originally Posted by dipstik View Post
alacrity is subject to downtime

Thanks for your time, dipstik.

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05.08.2015 , 12:36 PM | #8
for heals i am seeing that you want between 200 and 400 alacrity from augments, the rest into power. i cant use kerens merc sheet since its based on simulation, but i can see that alacrity has a pretty high weight, so that would be a likey canidate for augments, but downtime may be a factor. i have a 3.0 watchman sheet (oofalong) that i can use to see if alacrity augs are worth it... but i want to find an updated version.

downtime is from latency or not being able to hit the boss or heal.

this is what i get from orderken trying to optimize for augment logic.

sorc op merc
Primary 2880 2880 2880
Power 5594 5594 5285
Critical 357 525 802
Surge 377 392 414
Alacrity 1194 1011 1021

power creep is soemthing that happens to most games as the live for a long time. for swtor, we get higher and higher hit values from our main hands, and we get larger stat budgets.

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05.08.2015 , 01:09 PM | #9
Apologies, we're getting mixed up as to which role I'm talking about. I'm looking for what the proper distribution of the 1,061 points would be for DPS. That question seems to remain unanswered as far as I've seen in 3.0. Prior to 3.0, augmenting *any* tertiary stat - including accuracy, which is currently being encouraged as well - wasn't even a consideration.