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I have heard multiple rumors about the advanced class's. I need clarification

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I have heard multiple rumors about the advanced class's. I need clarification

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05.21.2012 , 08:14 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by arkitip View Post
I think you're mistaking the advanced classes as each having 1 specific role, AKA Powertech = tank, Mercenary = DPS.

Each AC has 3 skill trees. Powertechs have 1 tanking tree and 2 DPS trees, Mercenaries have 1 healing tree and 2 DPS trees.

So both a Pyro Powertech and a Pyro Merc are DPS, and the Powertech is better at it for the reasons mentioned in the post above.
PT defenses are far superior to Merc. Plus you can still guard. So essentially, they are more of a tank than Merc. However, you get heals as a Merc, but wasting your heat on healing is kind of a hard to justify. Plus for Merc's to 'Survive' they have to cast a heal. Where as PT is just ... more defensive passively.

Merc vs PT 1v1 PT wins everytime. That being said, I always do more overall dmg than a PT in the Pyro Tree.

With all that said (hopefully it makes sense, trying to rush through this to go home) Arsenal, i feel, is still the spec you need to go if you go Merc. While your overall damage will be lower and you deaths will be higher, your team NEEDS that burst it puts out. You can't tick for enough damage as pyro to make a healer go...omg a pyro is on me get him off me! Just my $.02

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05.24.2012 , 04:44 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by -Sev View Post
I have heard that in pvp Pyrotech Powertech is better in damage than Pyrotech Mercenary and vice versa in pve, is this true? I have looked over MMO Mechanics and they say the exact opposite of the many rumors floating around my server and the official swtor forums. Can someone clarify?
I think this is asked and answered, but in case some people still have questions:

If you think someone is saying that Merc Pyro is better in PvP than PT Pyro, then either:
1) They are confused
2) You are confused.

There is a lot of confusion because Powertech has two DPS specs, but most people think of it as a tank class and they confuse "power" with "pyro" too.
Devs: Please make healing more interesting and fun by increasing options and meaningful decisions. Let a good healer be judged by the decisions they make, not who pressed the buttons in a certain order. Or which class has the most output.