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Putting together a focused but fun prog team satelle shan

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Putting together a focused but fun prog team satelle shan

vancaos's Avatar

06.30.2019 , 11:49 AM | #1
Looking for 2 tanks and 3 dps. heals are already slotted. Looking for people that know their class fairly well but also arent douche bags there is nothing wrong with a competitive spirit or growth mindset but no flaming teammates after wipes in a prog group wipes will happen if you are the latter and flame over everything please dont waste mine or the teams time promptly and swiftly kicking you. So you know the basic roles we are looking for what are we looking for time zone wise well im trying to be semi flexible with all of the team deciding as a group but ideally it will be in the afternoons on wed and thur's from about 2ish pst till about 4:30ish pst if that absolutely cant work with everyone then we can adjust accordingly but as the leader that would be my preferred time so if you are available then and have the right attitude its a super plus.Please understand on this team we will have focused gearing runs so what i mean by this is if for some reason someone on our team is not fully geared at this point we will breeze through hm kp ev etc to gear that person till everyone on the team is hm geared these will happen generally on weds with thurs being prog days. This team will have 2 distinct leaders myself and one of the dps that you will meet upon joining the team we both firmly believe in team choices and that the team together decides what we do but at the end of the day him and I will be making the final say when it comes to leadership decisions because clear communication from a unified voice is important. I look forward to your replies here or your mails in game you can mail me at rawrimlust lustofalmaric lustofpower or lustofbunnies these are my toons im definitely the most active on but if you search lust its most likely me. Hope you all have a wonderful day and may the force be with you always.