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New Ops Idea

ShadzMGamez's Avatar

06.30.2019 , 05:07 AM | #1
I have an idea for an ops boss. I imagine this as some kind of spider boss.

Boss Lair: Just a large room. No hazards, nothing. Only the main boss is present on engage (no ads).

Phase 1: Standard tank and spank.
Boss Abilities
-Small AOE burst that damages anyone within 10m away
-Extra DPS taken from Melee attacks (passive) (to balance out the aoe burst and allow different DPS/Heals setups to work)
-Spit (random DoT on someone. Does 50% of normal DPS hp on SM, 100% on HM, and instant kills if not cleansed on NiM (200% damage while active)). 10 second DOT.
-Screech (stuns entire group for 5 seconds) (which means you or your healer has to save a stun break if you are on NiM, as the spit will kill someone in 5 seconds).

Phase 2: Boss is immune to all damage and does nothing for 30 seconds. 10 Ads come out. Phase 2 is triggered at 80%, 60%, and 40%.
Boss has 7/5/3 stacks of "Forgiveness." Each ad that dies removes 1 stack of forgiveness. Should Forgiveness be dropped to 0, boss gains "Revenge" stacks that increase it's damage each stack. Now, you have to ensure you leave a certain amount of ads up. Ads are silvers.
Ads can Sap (slow down target for 25% total movement, stacks up to 4 times).

Phase 3: Once boss is back up, any ads you did not kill will remain up for 30 seconds longer before dying on their own (which doesn't affect boss). This 30 second mark is also when any buffs from "Revenge" pop off of the boss.

Phase 4: A final phase triggered at 20% hp on the boss. Any ads alive die at this point, all stacks of Forgiveness/Revenge fall off. Boss screaches and stuns room in prep for final phase, which is just a burn phase. Think Dread Council ending. All movement is slowed on everyone during this phase as well. Small AOEs drop through the room during this phase as well (just red circles randomly).
I really think an ops where you have to worry about not killing too many ads would be cool. Challenging, yes. But cool the same. Also, no BS insta-kill mechanics like HM Queen.
Enrage timer at 10 minutes. At NiM, should have 10% of hp down around every minute on average in the second to top gear (no augs).