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Who else creates a backstory for their character?

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Who else creates a backstory for their character?

Eshvara's Avatar

07.25.2017 , 11:41 PM | #11
I never thought of making a back story for my character, I feel like if it isn't "official", it doesn't matter!
Not that there's anything wrong with others finding it appealing, if it makes your game more fun, then more power to ya!
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Asmodesu's Avatar

07.26.2017 , 12:25 AM | #12
One character of mine per class has a backstory and many extra scenes and writings to fill in gaps, but I work very hard to find any in-game dialogue stuff about backstories/fmaily already written in and have gone through class stories many times through trying to find as much dialogue as possible so that I can build a backstory for my characters around what is officially given to us in their class stories or anywhere other dialogue. So far it's going well, only got a couple of classes left to double check any history, past experience and family dialogue or comments for

I like to write, not where it's seen by others, but when it comes to 'fan fic for a already presented story' i try to stay as close to the story and known information as possible. I don't like changing things about the story, but I'm quite fine adding more to it. Lots of blank spots between planets, class story arcs and crew missions etc to fill out as well as more to the character histories.

Leklor's Avatar

07.26.2017 , 04:23 AM | #13
I do but not in the context of Star Wars ^^
I use their physical appearance and general character to make characters for other, personal stories.
In some cases, their skill translate to the new setting, in other case (Mostly the Jedi and Sith character) it's the physical appearance that does.
But that's mostly because I have a terrible visual imagination and I can't invent a character's physical appearance without a dedicated tool.
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07.26.2017 , 02:04 PM | #14
I do but my backstories also involved my boyfriend's characters as well.
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07.26.2017 , 06:57 PM | #15
I do love this type of thing but the only character I put real effort into a backstory for is my main character.

keeping with the core story basics of her base class, my primary is a human female the Sith inquisitor.

in my head canon, I try to follow the existing lore and only tweak smaller details.

Name: Ambrosiel

Class: Sith Sorceress

Alignment; Light rank 4.5 as due to some pragmatic decision making she is unlikely to be truly pure light side.

(In my head She is fully capable of using the Assassin abilities.
infact they were her initial focus up until studying rituals and secrets of the force took priority during the events of chapter 2 as a necessity to avoid being killed by the much older more experienced Darth Thanaton.)

please note that her raw power was always superior to Thanaton but as he explains early in chapter 2 he is many times her age and thus far more knowledgeable in using his power effectively)

She spent her childhood on a remote passive planet unaffected by the cold war until one of the Ruling politicians began picking unnecessary fights with the Imperial diplomats who had until that point been rather civil in discussions regarding the proposed construction of a mutually beneficial relationship between the planet and the empire.

As one might expect even when the empire tries to play nice they do not tolerate blatant and unprovoked disrespect so the Sith Lord leading the diplomats lost patience with the minister killing him and enslaving most of his family as an example to the population before in stating forced Imperial control. (the only exceptions to this were his youngest relations under 12 years of age who were sent to Imperial aligned military prep schools.)

Ambrosiel at 14 years old and a great granddaughter of the deposed prime minister was not qualified for the exception and quickly detained.

experiencing a potent fear and anger for the very first time in her life, Ambrosiel, strapped to a table with restraints. she observed as a particularly cruel slave handler prepared his branding tool to mark her face.
as he drew closer the burning brand approaching her face she lost consciousness.

upon awakening, she was confronted by an overseer who explained that to her that before she could be branded her body released a burst of force electricity that incapacitated and ultimately killed the slave master.

exposed as a force sensitive she was offered the same deal all empire receive. Train as a potential future Sith or die.

a year or 2 of basic combat training and studying the basics of the dark side of the force she arrives at Korribaan where the class story begins.

so to keep this from getting much longer lets end it here with a note that the rest of the story takes place over less than 3 years as she ascends to the dark council at an unusually young age of 19. (Darth Marr calls her a child in the chapter 3 cutscene so it makes sense.) and ends up locked in carbonite a maximum of 2 and a half years later probably a bit less... where she remained for 5 years.
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07.27.2017 , 05:54 PM | #16
I have a backstory for my entire legacy but it totally ignores Male Revan and Female exile.

Kiradcattan's Avatar

07.31.2017 , 04:37 PM | #17
As an author IRL... I tend to mentally write up a background story for all my characters, of which I have many. *just don't ask for names, I suck at remembering what I don't write down.*

My question is this:
At what age doe Force Sensitive kids get sent to Korriban for training? And, well, is some of t hat training done off world?

Jedi_Consular_El's Avatar

07.31.2017 , 07:48 PM | #18
I have backstories for all of them. Some even tend to get pretty long. I do not speak of them though, unless it seems in-topic or the person I am talking to seems interested in talking about OCs and sharing their own backstories. I know that some people get annoyed when another keeps talking about their OC all the time, so I try not to force this upon others.

Diviciacus's Avatar

07.31.2017 , 07:55 PM | #19
Wait, there are people who don't?

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08.01.2017 , 09:43 AM | #20
I don't RP any of my characters as the class pc (the memorial holoprojectors aren't just cool looking decs, you know?).

..but since the topic is still on backstories, I'll bite.

Main is an Operative - (Chiss) Field Medic/Commando with the First Expansionary Fleet, and is based in a relatively unknown system in Wild Space (yeah, it's an EU reference, too)
Commando - (Human) ex-Justicar who plea bargained his way into just being banned from Republic space, and is exiled on Tatooine
Sorcerer - (Human) former Darth Victus apprentice that went into deep meditation after the occupation of Korriban, (SoR prelude), and has only been recently awoken after draining 5 or so years worth of lost acolytes; now spends time between Alderaan (homeworld) and DK
Juggernaut - (Pureblood) Sith Lord who lives in the DK rainforests, and is also a participant in a PB breeding/soft eugenics program
Guardian - (Miralukan) Jedi Knight (also probably going to make a Jugg alter ego, soon) embedded with the Coruscant Security Forces, and is locally known for his "tough on crime" approach (DS af)

I haven't developed backstories for the other characters I have, but probably the way it's looking, Sage will be a spelunking cron hunter, Scoundrel will be a vanilla Corellian smuggler/all around ancap, and Assassin will be Imperial Guard; the rest I haven't made, or figured out.

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