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Monogamous Sith. Why?

Hadsil's Avatar

11.05.2019 , 09:48 PM | #11
They know how to pull the heart strings. I had to break up with Theron when my old flame Vette returned. I tried at first not flirting with Vette, but she took it real bad. Given the option to flirt again I did, because we're married and my Sith Warrior believes in commitment. But that break up scene with Theron, though. Ow that hurt. I wonder if we'll get back together when I'm a widower. I made up my mind already before it happens. Fortunately the few other characters of mine who have relationships don't get to see each other again so Theron will have a harem. Is he cheating on me even though I'm the same player with a different character?