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Stuck In Combat In KotET chapter 8.

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Stuck In Combat In KotET chapter 8.

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09.19.2019 , 06:14 PM | #1
I post this knowing it's really only here I can point to a specific problem, it doesn't seem to happen elsewhere. BLIZZARD has had this in WoW for forever and are now investigating the issue and they might be able to use info on what's happening here, FYI.

My companioni and I rode by enemies just prior to the first of the Alliance soldiers you can pick up in the bonus quest. I traveled with my companion out of combat alongside me and could still hear "That's far enough, Outlander" at least halfway to the Gravestone and back before I had to just go back and kill her because I couldn't touch the Alliance soldiers in combat for the bonus because she wouldn't shut up. If I recall properly, she was colored GRAY, which is not supposed to be my problem, and was fighting NPCs that were on my side; I got close to her but didn't engage her and the game should not have kept me in combat across half of the zone.

Again, Blizzard is having massive problems in Mechagon and if you're having the same problems, you might do well to share info or whatever. At least that's why I mention them. (As an aside, do see the SW ring mount from Mechagon, it's a superb nod to SW).