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Maelstrom Prison FP, Veteran mode, Kilran bug

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Maelstrom Prison FP, Veteran mode, Kilran bug

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09.19.2019 , 10:52 AM | #1
This wasn't about not following the mechanics. This was a bugfest. Veteran mode, entered via the mission giver, not GF. A level 70 and level 27 characters, plus our two companions. This happened this morning.

Breaking the LOS did not stop Kilran's attacks. His attacks went through pillars and walls. After a defeat, my guildie and I regrouped to try and figure out how we should deal with the situation. We were not in combat, and far enough away to not be in aggro range of Kilran's bodyguards. We were around 60+ meters from Kilran. Kilran initiated combat (not a typo), and first targeted companions, while still around 60+ meters away, and then myself and my guildie's characters. Neither distance nor breaking LOS stopped Kilran's attacks. Kilran's bodyguards did not engage in combat while Kilran was attacking, until we moved within normal aggro range of them.

After rezzing again, we ran back to the area, and stopped even further back as we brainstormed. Again, not in combat and not aggroing Kilran's bodyguards. Kilran frigging ran up to where his bodyguards were standing -- they were not in combat -- and Kilran initiated combat again, and neither breaking LOS, not to mention being more than 40 meters away from Kilran, stopped the attacks.

Rezzing again, we exited the FP to my guildie's SH. We used "Return to Republic Fleet" to exit the SH. We arrived at the entry area for the Maelstrom Prison FP, near the mission giver. We re-entered the instance, and discovered that we arrived where we had left off, at Kilran. This time after defeating the bodyguards instead of engaging Kilran we ran past him, up the ramp to the top, where Kilran normally appears after getting his health below 50%. After running past Kilran who had a lot more than 50% health, and reaching the top area, we experienced what usually happens when Kilran is down to 50% health -- his knockback and our characters were suddenly at the lower level, near where Kilran normally stands when first starting combat, and that slow. Then, we were finally able to burn Kilran down, and complete the FP.

We didn't do a reset phase after exiting the FP because we did not want to run that whole FP again. Up until Kilran, everything else in the Flashpoint worked as it should. We did the bonuses. Neither of our characters are stealthers, so we fought everything we came across. Kilran needs to switch to decafe, and calm down.