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Is RE broke?

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01.18.2012 , 11:44 PM | #1
I've reverse engineered about 40 green bastion enhancement 22's today and still have not gained the blue schematic version. Normally takes less than 10 to get the blue.

If this was an intended change, you'd think it would have made it into the patch notes. Perhaps I just missed it.
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01.19.2012 , 01:56 AM | #2
More people have been reporting difficulty obtaining lvl 48/49/50 blue/purple schematics since the game released, it has nothing to do with the patch. So far it looks like the highest lvl items are quite a bit more difficult to RE than all lower level stuff. You're just unlucky, keep trying.

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01.19.2012 , 02:20 AM | #3
It is very random.

I have been trying to get some purple level color crystals for my guildies these past few days, and just now got the blue schematic after farming 30 or so crystals, when is only took about 8 crystals to disassembled to get the purple schematic for the crystal I needed.

It is just very random, so keep trying.
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Absynth's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 02:31 AM | #4
Ive been RE'ing blue earpieces trying to get ANY purple one I can... but ive given up after 75.. it seems broken to me.
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01.19.2012 , 02:39 AM | #5
Das ist definitiv gebrochen. Patch 1.1 hat offentsichtlich nen verteckten Nerf zum diesen RE Proc.

Habe gestern fast alle materialien das ich noch hatte spasesweise REd - kein eizigen Proc.

Aber das passt doch ganz gut zur BW "Verschlimbesserung" Muster - die geben nicht sinnlichkeit für die Berufe - die nehmen es weg. Die geben keine gute Rezepte, die nehmen es bloß weg.

Was ist aber hasse - diesen "Grandfathering" effect - wo die erste "rushers" das 10 mal leichter haben als Rest

Zeratulr's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 03:03 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Priam View Post
I've reverse engineered about 40 green bastion enhancement 22's today and still have not gained the blue schematic version. Normally takes less than 10 to get the blue.

If this was an intended change, you'd think it would have made it into the patch notes. Perhaps I just missed it.
You think that`s bad?! Yesterday (before the patch) I had to reverse engineer at least 30 green resolve armoring 14 to get a blue schematic! I really wanted to upgrade my gear with a purple ones but the potential costs of required underworld metals made me think whether it`s worth it... All in all it seems that a success rate of RE is highly dependant on luck or lack thereof. And the situation you are describing is probably far from being the worst case of bad luck.
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Uruare's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 03:35 AM | #7
REing right now seems to function on a probably flat rate of percentage chance to get a schematic of the next tier. My spreadsheet tracking RE success/fail rates with Armormech's suggesting roughly a 5% success rate on green to blue.

I don't have a data sample even vaguely sufficient to start hypothesizing on blue to purple yet. Gonna take a lot longer to make and RE a couple thousand of those to get even a good start on establishing a valid sample for the data set.

I will say this though: REing blues to purples will, especially the high level varieties, create the perception of a lower success rate due to the far greater amounts of time involved to craft the dang things, and the costs of the components, and the time it takes to either farm them or crew mission for them.

That bias is a bad thing for them to have built right into their framework on something that seems to be an open-ended RNG lottery. You could, it seems, RE 10,000 things and never get a blue recipe; same for blue to purple.

Or you could get one, and not have it be the right secondary stat title set and then potentially never see the one you want pop.

It's very frustrating if you're trying to make specific things. As a metric for time investment, they made it a casino game.

This suggests to me that, perhaps, they ought to do a better job of taking a true validation sample of their playerbase rather than assuming that gambling will hold us and kepe us coming back for more. The success of casinos and lotteries works, yes...but not on the majority of the population.

And nobody short of a gambling addict would find this RE system appealing. You stand to win nothing worth the time and effort you might expend very little of...or a shockingly outrageous amount of.

I think RE'ing should have a 'streakbreaker' mechanic built into it. If you haven't gotten a next tier schematic by 20 RE's, it autopops one on the 21st attempt. Maybe not the one you want, but certainly.

That kind of assuredness that, even if our luck is crap, we'll eventually get what we're shooting for generates confidence in a system, and heightens its appeal. Frankly, it also makes it a more predictive system that's easier to account for in design metrics, so it would quite probably benefit -them- for taking into account the impact of changes and desired time/money investments in future changes to cap it on both sides.

Otherwise...well, I've gotten all the craft skills to 400 and RE'd a lot of things across my three accounts, 4 50's and a half-dozen alts. I spent the majority of my entire holiday leave time very specifically analyzing and feeling out...and yes, also enjoying the this here new giant kid on the MMO block. A lot.

Most of my focus in the crafting arena has been on Armormech, which I will be tracking in the very long-term for purposes of informing myself accurately, so I've got a rather decent grasp so far of whats involved here.

I don't think REing is broken. It's probably WAI. Unfortunately, the intention seems to have been poorly directed and badly designed, and failed somewhat pitifully to account for basic factors of appeal and positive motivators that any market strategist could plainly tell you are vital to a market investment.

And that's what it is; you're investing with every moment you spend doing anything in this game in your character or chatacters, presumably for the purpose of being rewarded with enjoyment and a sense of fun.

They referenced, I think, back-alley casinos and the methods of sheisters with their massive proliferation of no-certainty gambles across the entire game, but most viciously and recurringly in craft REing.

We wanna craft, Bioware, not appease gambling addictions I'd surmise many of us do not have. throw that out there.


Rareyrare's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 03:38 AM | #8
My question for the people saying that this is just bad luck is, have you tried since the patch?

I also think that there was either a ninja nerf OR they accidentally messed something up. My experience yesterday was this: I'm leveling up BioChem (still low level; only doing level 16 items). I've been REing stacks of 5-7 items to get the blue recipe and it has worked every time, until yesterday. Yesterday, I REd 8 stacks of 5-7 items (all the same item) and did not get the blue recipe once.

I also noticed that the "fix" to the missions disappearing after completion did not really seem to work...

BigPeo's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 03:39 AM | #9
random random random. Been trying to get next level of Red Deadly crystal (the level 39 one) but nothing in about 20 tries. Then I did a lvl 47 enhancement and got the blue quality version of that in 1 go.

Edit. yes this is since patch. Last night.
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Rareyrare's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 04:08 AM | #10
If it IS working as intended, then I have to conclude that the time invested gathering enough materials to be able to *maybe* get that blue recipe, is simply not worth it. I refuse to spend hours and hours gathering only to throw 90% of what I gather out the window for marginal gain, IF you're lucky!