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Crafting Profession Changes in patch 1.1.2

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Crafting Profession Changes in patch 1.1.2
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02.17.2012 , 02:30 PM | #651
shouldn't professions be endgame viable at launch? just asking .. OH, YOU RELEASED AH BETA POS GAME, I ALMOST FORGOT.
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02.22.2012 , 08:22 PM | #652
If yoou guys can make crafting more exciting and add in some more schematics for other classes and some different looks for classes in game such as crafting vanity items to change your look i will be sold on your listenig to the community........not every jedi needs to look the same makes it feel like your just another jedi....... fix it

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02.23.2012 , 12:36 AM | #653
Crafting should yield the best items otherwise this is just another crappy WOW game with no depth for simple players.

Then comes that kills getting stuff from raids or my pvp gear. False

Here is why.
Raids yield schems or special items needed to craft. So try to follow me on this.

Synth creates robe that is modable from a selection of colors and designs someone likes
Cyber creates epic armor and standard mod from schem in raid same for artifice

this gives you any look you want makes crafting viable and makes raid viable pve lets you buy augments that aid in pve you can make a pve set and a pvp set.

Classes are unbalanced who cares the only balance of classes that need to take place is of the opposite class bh matches tr

endgame is a failure in any mmo yes have a storyline then after the storyline have open ended gaming add ons something one thing galaxies learned. If you simplify the game to just drops or buying items from a npc character you over simplify the game when that happen it dies because there is nothing special about it.

PvP this group will always whine no matter what game they play Im not talking about the casual PvP I am talking about the ones that think every game is halo

You have your Ego Raiders which insist they should have the best gear because they have either more free time or no life outside gaming that only care about what someone offers on a raid. Also very hard to please they will whine but still run the same mind numbing instance over again a hundred times threaten to leave but wont because they have nothing better to do

True Gamers these are the ones that appreciate story line development and the advancement of the game. They want things added never taken away. like more options with flying more worlds new ideas and add ons that dont change original game play. this is your biggest number but doesn't speak out as much

Bioware add to the game by far best story driven mmo now just add to the systems in place then expand the universe

DarthDegwerks's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 12:43 AM | #654
I really, really want to know what your plans are for Armstech!
I've been through tons of raids and keep seeing schematics for every other profession drop and watching everyone buy up epic mats to keep crafting their new found epics for a Crit piece. Armstech has been suffering since launch. I can only sell epics to leveling players and for their companions. Even then its time consuming and not as profitable as the other crew skills.

I can't make epic Vibroknives, heck you can't even RE them, and there is NO orange custom vibroknife to be learned from the trainer. I can't even outfit the warriors with vibroswords at the same level progression as my other melee weapons or blasters. This would have been nice if they looked awesome that is...

We have no BiS gear or any BoP gear. Please make Armstech one of the best crew skills to have OR make it the best crew skill to have please....

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02.29.2012 , 06:18 PM | #655
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthDegwerks View Post
We have no BiS gear or any BoP gear. Please make Armstech one of the best crew skills to have OR make it the best crew skill to have please....
forget "best".. i'd settle with "on par"
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