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Guild Decorating Copying Service

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Guild Decorating Copying Service

Xina_LA's Avatar

10.27.2019 , 11:42 AM | #1
Greetings, decorators!

If you would like, I will temporarily join your Republic or Empire guild with an alt and copy whatever decorations I have that you need to your guild. I won't charge for the service but I will need the Purchase For Guild cost, which is usually far lower than GTN prices.

I don't have all the Dantooine and later decorations yet, but I do have just about everything from the Cartel Market and flashpoints. I also have most pets and mounts. (The forklift and maintenance vehicles make great decorations, I also have the deco with the Han Solo in carbonite coming out the back of a ship that looks a lot like Slave 1.)

I might also be able to trade you a Contraband Slot Machine for something I need (mostly Master level trophies).

If you're interested, contact or drop a message on Satele Shan to:
EMPIRE -- Savaja, Keishira, or Kesmarra
REPUBLIC -- Kiralyn

* I do have an alt on Star Forge but I'm rarely online there.
** Please be noisy, sometimes I don't see things in my chat box right away while decorating.

If you're willing to help people decorate their guild flagships and strongholds, please reply here and let everyone know.
--=# Decorating addict of Satele Shan server. #=--