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Sith Madness Sorcerer is quite strong in pve!

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Sith Madness Sorcerer is quite strong in pve!

Reeny's Avatar

11.04.2019 , 10:02 PM | #1
Leveling up my Sith madness sorcerer and her damage is really good in pve!
Stronger than my JK and Sith Marauder for sure.
Things die a lot quicker especially boss types

Equeliber's Avatar

11.05.2019 , 03:38 AM | #2
Good for you.

In reality, though, to compare the damage between classes you need to:

1) Get to max level and get all passives and utilities.
2) Get similar/same gear rating on each of those classes.
3) Perform the optimal rotation for each of these classes multiple times.
4) Measure your DPS with Starparse.


If you want to skip all of that, look at to see what top geared people are getting. What performance you personally see during leveling is not in any way relevant to how these classes/specs actually perform. Some specs will seem ridiculously powerful during leveling (like Marksmanship) but when you arrive in endgame you might find out that it is one of the lowest DPS specs in the game. It just has high burst/high aoe damage/is simple enough for you to perform very well right away, so it seems strong. In this case, specifically, Madness is very easy to play, so you can already play it fairly well. With marauder you are probably missing a lot of things about the class, so you are just not playing it optimally (marauder is generally more powerful than madness sorc, only on lvl75 with new set bonus and tactical item Madness can have comparable/higher damage).

ottffsse's Avatar

11.05.2019 , 10:06 AM | #3
In general sorcs are good for leveling ... no surprise...they are ranged and have okish aoe, force speed etc. Sniperz burn through trash a bit faster though thanks to suppresive fire.

at max level madness even though the situation has improved a bit in 6.0 still lag a bit behind io merc and viru sniper probably, but they are viable as long as you know what you are doing. But defensively it is night and day comparing madness to a sniper or merc. They are really squishy, like if you actually dot spread and do max aoe damage in an op like Dxun and all the adds jumps on you your life bar will go down insta quick.
ref Melisen / Sage Zrella / Sorc