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Returning player, which is the optimal spec for casual pve on 6.0?

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Returning player, which is the optimal spec for casual pve on 6.0?

KurosuShukun's Avatar

01.24.2020 , 07:00 PM | #1
When I was playing I level up to 70 using carnage ( with the logic that burst is better for leveling than substained).
I followed the same tactic on my 70-75 path. However I cant find any updated carnage guides and a tier list I happened to see said fury is S tier while carnage is... bottom apparently ?

I suppose it was talking about raids . The content I am interested right now is wrapping up the story ( i am still at kotfe), weekly hc's and a few uprisings/ flashpoints here and then. Would you guys recommend to stick to carnage or swap to furry ? I am not considering Annihilation because I get the impression it shines in operations.

Darkchip's Avatar

01.25.2020 , 01:26 AM | #2
It mainly comes down to what you want to do, If you are just looking for a casual and friendly spec that does good dps and works really well then both anni and fury are there.

Fury if you want a bigger burst and need to down important targets quickly and Anni if you want self sustain and AoE clearing.

Both work really well atm and from what everyone has been saying carnage has been in the pits for quite a bit.

KurosuShukun's Avatar

01.25.2020 , 12:29 PM | #3
I see, I guess fury is the way to go for now. Thanks for your reply!