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Dark vs Light Reward System Question and Special Guide Search

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Dark vs Light Reward System Question and Special Guide Search

WHTJunior's Avatar

07.02.2016 , 12:12 PM | #1
So, until the DvL crates can be Bind to Legacy, I have discovered a slight problem with the way the armor sets unlock. The crates, and all items inside, are bound to character, so if I trigger one set of crates on one character, and another set on a different character, they can't share the rewards. A real-world example that I am dealing with, currently:

On my first-to-L25 character, I received three upper armor sets (Satele, Xoxxan, and Revan Reborn). I considered myself lucky, and opened/equipped them all immediately. None of these partials have registered in collections (other than on the character who received them), since you have to get all of the pieces in order to unlock them in collections. My dilemma, is that if I somehow end up triggering later achievements on a different character, and I get the other pieces, they will not count.

My search, then, is: has anyone seen a guide, or are working on a guide, that helps get all of the crates on one character, so that there is a better chance to unlock the armor sets? I don't care as much about weapons, since we can't stamp them at this time, or the tunings that seem useless, but the armor is a big deal for me.

Aside from that, I can continue to appeal to the developers, asking that the crates be BtL, even if the items inside are BoP. If they are unwilling/unable to do so, they need to figure out another way. I am already somewhat disenchanted with having to jump through all of these hoops, and to think, I might not even get any lasting rewards out of it.