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Prepare to be farmed: Cap ships in TDM no longer fire at enemies

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Prepare to be farmed: Cap ships in TDM no longer fire at enemies

ptwonline's Avatar

02.24.2014 , 02:59 PM | #1
New patch notes:
"Capital Ships in Galactic Starfighter’s Team Deathmatch mode will no longer fire at opposing players"

Cap ships were indeed a problem, but removing their turrets will lead to spawn point camping.

What needed to happen instead is moving the spawn points much further back so that respawning players would actually have some time to go evasive and avoid some of the blockade. Without guns you will need to give respawned players a short invulnerability (and no firing back) window, otherwise it will be 2 rows of gunships killing everything or minelayers saturating the spawn point.

Yes, you can always use the other spawn point if one is being camped, but this will inevitably lead to one side separated into two groups and easy to kill, or getting strung out and killed one by one.

Something had to be done, but this is just taking one problem and replacing it with a potentially worse problem.

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02.24.2014 , 03:02 PM | #2
You have 2 spawns and it isnt like most groups are going to split and camp both
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02.24.2014 , 03:07 PM | #3
A potentially better change would have been removing the capital ships and having 4-6 spawn points spread on the map. Without capital ships present it can be hard to guage your bearings and push towards spawn points, and with more spawn points, it reduces the potential to spawn camp.

Maybe even switching spawn locations periodically between Republic and Empire so that suddenly your enemy can spawn behind you could help alleviate spawn camping and add a new angle to TDM
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02.24.2014 , 03:11 PM | #4
Not a good change.
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02.24.2014 , 03:11 PM | #5
This would have saved me from two embarrassing deaths last night.

No Imps were on, it was just REpublic mirror matches all night and they don't change the capital ships in game to reflect this. I got too close to them and wiped out twice thinking they were friendly.

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02.24.2014 , 03:19 PM | #6
The team that was getting pushed back to their cap ship was ALREADY getting farmed. The only thing they did by sitting in the protection of the cap ship was prolong a lopsided match.

While I don't think this is a good long term fix, at least we can end those matches quicker. Also if I feel so inclined I can chase those gunships all the way back to their ship and finish them off without fear of the insta-death.

EDIT: They could extend the exhaustion area to the immediate area around the cap ship so the enemy can't sit behind where you spawn and shoot you from behind. That would be really annoying.
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Jandi's Avatar

02.24.2014 , 03:21 PM | #7
At least somoene at BW has some sense. If the object of the match is to kill the opposing team, putting 4 indestructable oneshotting turrests in the map is just retarded.

Poor guys will actually have to go out and... *gasp* fight! OH THE HORROR.

Armonddd's Avatar

02.24.2014 , 03:22 PM | #8
Lazy fix that works against the purpose of including powerups. Game designers need to make mechanics work in harmony, not against each other.
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Brewski's Avatar

02.24.2014 , 03:28 PM | #9
If this is a short term solution while they work on a better long term solution, I think it's fine. Two spawn points won't stop all spawn camping, as good teams will still be able to cover both, but it'll be a rare team that can do so effectively. The turret tactics used in TDM are a more immediate problem than Domination, so it make sense to patch it for now. (Like I said, so long as they are working on a better long term solution.)

I think the better long term solution would be protected spawn areas you can't re-enter like ground PvP instances have. Although I don't have a problem with people using them for cover so long as the mechanics work that way (it's PvP, so use what you have) I really don't like any "safe retreat" zone existing in a PvP instance.

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02.24.2014 , 03:35 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by okiobe View Post
The team that was getting pushed back to their cap ship was ALREADY getting farmed. The only thing they did by sitting in the protection of the cap ship was prolong a lopsided match.
The more problematic tactic I've seen is one team setting up a protected zone immediately in front of their spawn area with bombers, and filling it with gunships. With one approach covered by one shot AI turrets, and little to no cover to approach them from the sides, turtle tactics like that make TDM matches gunship grinds.

All that said, I think I'm going to reverse my thoughts on this one, as it just occurred to me that this change will allow bombers to plant massive mine fields immediately over the spawn point, killing you as you emerge. With that tactic, it's totally possible to cover both spawn points and literally farm teams as they emerge. Combining drones and mines will make it impossible to boost away from the kill zone before being targeted.

Unless I am missing something, I expect to see this happening in every lopsided TDM match out there...