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Beating a dead horse: my issue with Gunships.

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Beating a dead horse: my issue with Gunships.

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02.25.2014 , 11:09 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Jandi View Post
You can see where their noses are pointed at form the heading marker, stop flying head on into 3 gunships on a frikin scout, you're SUPPOSED to die. Come form the sides with team mates. If your team mates can't be bothered to coordinate, it's hardly a cause for changing anything just because you can't take on 3 ships on your own.

If a GS stops and starts charging, immediately pull up or down and you won't be in his sights at all. The turn rate while zoomed is so small that they won't turn fast enough to shoot you before you've done a loop. Don't try to get a shot in, just loop immediately.

So here is an idea, instead of crying for nerf/changes, how bout you stop beating your head against a wall and learn to play the damn game. And no, before you even start with the usual "I have 5894965983593706853670 matches played !!11" garbage I'll say my reply before hand.

All those matches and you've learned nothing?
The problems with gunships do not become apparent until you keen adding more to the match. When you reach 4 or more gunships on anyone side in a death match, the only feasible counter is to fly a gunship also. The matter is exacerbated by adding bombers to defend the gunships with railgun drones and seeker mines.

If this is the type of gameplay you want, then I can understand why you are defending it and have decided you must tell everyone else that disagrees that they need to learn to play.

In essence it detracts from the dogfighting expected by the majority of people that play this game. Now dont get me wrong, railguns are not the only thing that need to be rebalanced, I think burst lasers could use another balance pass as well.

Basically anything that can kill something in a few lucky shots is not really my idea of a balanced weapon. Dogfighting is about gaining superior position over your opponent and tussling for target time on them.

P.S running back to you cap ship doesn't count as out manoeuvring.
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