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Bomber counter! (this is not a cry thread)

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Bomber counter! (this is not a cry thread)

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02.22.2014 , 09:56 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Sindariel View Post
No, there are TWO issues.
The second issue is, that the effectiveness of stacking bombers at a place grows exponentially with each bomber.
Bombers are the smash-monkeys of GSF. Domination matches composed of nothing but bombers and gunships have already begun, and it's absolutely ruining those games. In the time it takes to clear/chase the gunships, the bombers have saturated a sat. As soon everyone turns to clearing mines, the gunships have respawned and are picking people off, followed shortly by the next human wave of bombers, which can't be stopped before they get to the sats without breaking off and ignoring the gunships, and by now the team's down people from attrition.

It's not a matter of "learn to play." BW has introduced a combat mechanic which imbalances the game far too easily for the level of skill it requires, and, unlike gunships, there are no effective counters for it. People are naturally abusing it to the extent that they are able to. I don't blame the bomber pilots, it's BW's fault. And ironically, this type of abuse only further encourages abuse of the premades that people hate getting farmed by, because mustering 8+ people in a chat is the only way to mount enough coordination to stop these tactics.

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02.26.2014 , 01:59 PM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuciwalker View Post
Yes. OMG **** this ability so much. There is ONE GUY on my server who uses it on his scout and it is really freaking hard to escape him. I am going to have to completely relearn gunship evasive flying because of him

(not really that mad, after the number of scouts I've led on merry chases across the map I deserve it)
Curious to know what server you are on.