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What is the best tree for dps on powertech

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What is the best tree for dps on powertech

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02.09.2013 , 03:35 AM | #1
I've been leveling a pyro a little while now which is fun but I find it takes a while to run through multiple mobs at once, could anyone give me any friendly advice or possibly link me to their own tree stats so i could improve my own?

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02.09.2013 , 04:22 AM | #2
The Vanity Legacy

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02.09.2013 , 04:41 AM | #3
Well.. Pyro is the best DPS in terms of the damage it deals and how fast, though Advanced Prototype is definitely alot more fun to play in my opinion. Remember if you're not strapped for health you can Flame Burst (if you're on pyro tree) and if the DoT will eventually kill them you can swap to another target while the DoT is ticking on the last one. Also, don't forget to use Flame Thrower it's a great ability with a relatively low cooldown. If you spec into Advanced Prototype, there's a great ability in which gaining stacks makes Flame Thrower very powerful, while running between groups of mobs you can gather these stacks by using the Flame Sweep ability.

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02.11.2013 , 12:11 AM | #4
Use explosive dart, flamethrower, and death from above for aoe. Single target is pretty awesome and easy.

AP does a bit more aoe through buffed flamethrower, and Shield does about the same aoe(given equal gear while leveling), while being a bit tankier.
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02.17.2013 , 09:57 PM | #5
Just read the replies, thanks for the help