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Shifting high level players to lower levels

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Shifting high level players to lower levels

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11.02.2015 , 10:47 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by mastemaupier View Post
totally agree. The whole levelsync sucks. No more heroic 55 flashpoint to solo for fun. I really don't understand why Bioware did this. I like the new story but the levelsync is the baddest decision ever.
I agree this is such a bad idea it ruins the fun in the game I hope bio ware fixes this we need to ask them about this guys

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11.02.2015 , 10:49 PM | #32
Everyone for # 5 for the form so bioware can see this we need to get there attention we need to fix this dumb lvl shift

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11.03.2015 , 03:57 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by deathowen View Post
This is a dumb addition to the MMO swtor game it ruins it for us high lvl players that have perks of being the higher lvl now lvl means nothing and a lot of people will start Quicking this game because it will not be fun anymore BIO WARE plz plz Fix this
What perks are you losing? And who are these lot of people?

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11.03.2015 , 06:22 AM | #34
I don't understand any of Bioware's recent decisions. Is it an attempt to smooth out the mmo features of this game to make it more rpg?? Why would someone who's run Balmorra a thousand times and has 8 level 60s suddenly decide "Oh!! Yay!! Now I can take my level 55 sentinel and go back to Balmorra to get xp because, you know, I wasn't sick of it at all. Oh wait! I can simply stay on Hutta & level 1-65 now because I love Hutta so much I just want to stay there."

On the one hand, Bioware wants everyone to feel epically heroic with its story-line of "lowly smuggler saves Galaxy" but on the other hand they take away that same epicness by expecting a level 65 Sith Lord to want to return to Tatooine to kick wamp rat *** for a level 29 blaster?? Ya ok, I'd hazard a guess that 90% of the gaming population won't be doing that, 90% of the population only went back to lower level content to farm stuff they need.

The only players I could see this benefitting is all those players that came back specifically for the x12xp & missed all the planetary content & now that they all reached level 60 in a week & reached level 65 in an afternoon, "they may want to go back and actually play the mmo features of the game".

The master/apprentice feature actually only helps a very low percentage of players. Most friends join games together & level together. It's pretty rare someone will play a game for 2yrs before his buddies jump aboard. If a more experienced player really wants to level with a lowbie friend they usually just roll a new toon.

This game has just become a garbled mess, it went from a 50/50 mmo/rpg with modest re-playability to a 90/10 rpg/mmo stream-lined story with very little re-playability.
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11.03.2015 , 04:33 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by AidenDeshde View Post
I couldn't agree more in regards to this entire Thread's posting. This is the MOST ridiculous change I have ever seen in SWTOR. The creation of this Level Syncing plays numerous roles in the game and I'm digging and racking my brain to figure out which of these the Developers prioritized first and why.

From my perspective it was done to allow and help low level players (especially new players.) to level up more quickly, and perhaps, just perhaps keep them from feeling like noobs when they see a lvl 60-(65) maul through a mob that took them several fights, medpacks, stims, etc. to do themselves.
My response to this would be "That is the bloody point!". For those of us who had to fight like hades to get to where we are, to look at our Legacy achievements with pride and feel good about all the hard work we've put in to our toons etc. It's like a huge slap in the face. Now I look at my Legacy Panel and I see all that work completed and think "And now a new player can jump to my lvl as quick as you blink and call themselves "Jedi Battle Master/Dark Council Elite."
Wasn't the introduction of the Legacy System (Which I love to death.) supposed to make your personal play experience feel, well... "Personalized"? Everything, from the Family Tree to the nitty gritty like killing X amount of NPC mobs on planet X, etc. has been made moot. I feel like my Legacy holds NO prestige now. The vast majority of new players I talk to in-game don't even know what the Legacy System is, or what Crafting is or how to do it. (Another thing spoiled by the update by crashing the "Stock Market" concept of the GTN by making all this once great gear you could craft for your Comps or for a friend worth nothing to other players).
I'm generally one of those players who likes to offer advice to newer players, help them out, join them in a difficult FP/Heroic if they ask for help, and so on. That part of our Community in TOR has been removed now apart from the endless, tiring, and, exhausting questions all these "I'm a brand new player at max-level! ... What is all this stuff, what do I do?" have. Why give that option to anyone who's going to jump headfirst into an ocean of questions and confusion? I'm primarily referring to players that Subscribe and create a lvl 60 player without much knowledge of how the game really works. This is a by-product of the Level Syncing as these players try to figure out what was once a progressive, and fun learning process.
They literally post on this site, OUR site as Community Members & People who Pay to Subscribe to "Show off your great achievements and rub it in your opponent's faces." (That's not verbatim but go read Leader Boards; it's darn close.) What do we have to "gloat" about now? Admittedly I did enjoy what the majority of people like to do: show off their Titles, Cartel Toys, etc. (Especially in PVP WZ's.)
The Developers (Who I hope troll these threads for our opinions because, they're "Constantly trying to make the game a more enjoyable play experience for players.") did this (In my opinion.) to draw in more players to the game for obvious reasons, but overlooked the consequences and opinions of thousands of players who are against this concept. The cold hard fact is that the majority of players do NOT like this change. I agree with the numerous comments that this should be made OPTIONAL. Here's a good suggestion: Allow Level Sync to be toggled on or off. Oh wait, it's already been suggested by hundreds of your committed players.
Completely removing this stupid change at this point would mar the concepts of numerous other changes they've made and the game would simply be non-functional. If they're actually listening to all of the complaints about this then it will be some time before they provide a solution.

I can understand wanting to give lower level players a bit of an edge so they can reach max lvl more quickly, and be able to compete with other's in PVP battles, Areas, and Entire PVP Servers (Which was already mentioned by another Player.), yadda, yadda, yadda, but they've basically created a problem for everyone. Part of leveling from 1-60 (now 65) is learning as you go. There are in-game tutorials for the basics and hundreds of thousands of players who are willing to offer help. Hence one of the concepts of joining a Guild. But, what do you do when all your toons on a server are at max level? The fun of "Exploring the Galaxy" and being a "Top Dog" player on a low-level world is ruined. The idea they planted of pumping up your Character to max level and being some sort of supreme player is now self-contradictory.

I used to enjoy that "Prestigious feeling" when a friend, or Guild mate at a lower lvl is on a Low-Level Planet and PM's me for help. I can provide knowledge on things I've previously worked on myself, but I can't help them (As easily as before.) get through, say a giant field on Balmorra to help them wipe out NPC mobs that are killing them off to help them reach wherever they're trying to go. Just one example.
The first time I went to a lower level planet and saw that disgusting indicator that I'd been leveled down... I logged off after running headfirst into a mob that nearly destroyed me. Something that I should be able to wipe out with one AOE Ability.

I'm left with a Legacy of toons that really aren't unique anymore, and the achievements in that Legacy aren't regarded as anything special anymore either. Everyone is the same player with exception to class running around doing the same things ALL at the same level.
I could not Agree more Bio ware has to change this its ruined the game for me and many others there should be a vote on this!!!! The legacy stystem is now dead moslty and swtor is boring with out the ablity to be OP

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11.03.2015 , 04:39 PM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by ThunderVamp View Post
Yeah, this level shifting sucks. Should be an option, or enabled when I'm grouped with a lower level player, but getting aggro from trash mobs while I run around a low level planet at level 65 because I'm shifted down is crapfest and not fun.

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11.04.2015 , 04:25 AM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by SpoliaOpima View Post
I am absolutely opposed to this concept of level sync! Not only is it a very poor attempt at play balance, but it makes doing achievements that you had to by pass because it needed a full group to accomplish. If SW doesn't answer my comments in the help window in game I will delete my account & seek out a game that is more appropriate to the concept of an MMORPG - This game is following WoW and their stupidity of play balancing. That thought/concept made WoW a boring game. SW is now headed in the same direction.
This guy really makes me laugh. He complains about Level Sync, and how it doesn't allow him to Solo content that I have soloed many times at the appropriate level in quest green gear. The companions all got majorly buffed, and the Level Sync system is actually 100% awesome in my opinion. It really doesn't make anything too tough if you have a decent Influence level with your companions, and the companions got buffed so greatly, that I feel more like I'm the companion, even at high levels where I'm not Level Synced.

Then he complains that BioWare doesn't get the concept of a MMORPG? WHAT? I think you don't get the concept of a game is to have fun, and the point of playing a MMORPG is to GROUP up with other players. MMORPG means Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. That's multiplayer as in multiple players, as in NOT SOLO. The only "Play Balancing" that BioWare and Blizzard actually are doing is balancing classes so that there aren't only a few classes that people actually play. As a long time gamer, and a current Game Developer I applaud BioWare for everything that they have done with Knights of the Fallen Empire, this game is currently in a much better state. People need to just get over themselves and realize that sometimes change is a good thing.
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11.04.2015 , 04:28 AM | #38
Quote: Originally Posted by ThunderVamp View Post
Yeah, this level shifting sucks. Should be an option, or enabled when I'm grouped with a lower level player, but getting aggro from trash mobs while I run around a low level planet at level 65 because I'm shifted down is crapfest and not fun.
Actually it is optional, you don't have to go do the content on those planets which you out level, you can just stick to the high level planets which don't sync you down to their level.
Guild leader of {Imperial} <The Betrayed> & {Republic} <xX The Betrayed Xx> on The Harbinger. Recruitment Thread
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11.04.2015 , 04:37 AM | #39
I thought I would hate lvl sync. But it's not bothering me at all. You can still lvl up pretty fast, I started lvl 23 on taris and left lvl 28. And you can get full xp from the quests.

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11.04.2015 , 08:11 AM | #40
If level sync has ruined the game for you, then that means you didnt test it one bit. I am one that was pissed off about level sunc, but went out and tested it. Hasnt hurt my gameplay at all, so my view on it has changed.