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A question about the 4th of july for vets

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A question about the 4th of july for vets

kirorx's Avatar

07.04.2013 , 07:54 PM | #1
Do fireworks stress you out ?

I am a fireman/paramedic and an infantry veteran

I am at work ATM and been running some calls into some pretty crumby neighborhoods and the sporadic sounds of fireworks sound all too familiar and has me at the end of my seat

Don't get me wrong I love the Fourth of July and all but fireworks are causing my calls to feel more like I'm on mounted patrol and less like im running fire calls lol

Just wondering if anyone else feels that way?

TheBBP's Avatar

07.04.2013 , 11:25 PM | #2
What stresses me out is the random insertion of what is clearly handgun fire in small amounts randomly through the night. We live in a good area so it is a bit unnerving. That said, I never served in a combat zone.

Thank you for your service brother.
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