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Guardian: Which companion do you prefer?

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Guardian: Which companion do you prefer?

Xaman's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 10:43 AM | #1
Hi guys,

As a Jedi Guardian, which companion do you favor the most? I'm currently at level 42 and have used Doc since he came available to me.

AndyDriver's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 10:53 AM | #2
I use Rusk, but cause he's geared better than Kira

EdAraujo's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 10:56 AM | #3
I suffered until I got Doc.

Heraclea's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 11:03 AM | #4
I've been running with C2N2. He's a pain to gear up, too, and doesn't help enough on the storyline quests, but he's good enough for ordinary grinding quests or just grinding mobs to level while the elite boss stuff remains on hold.
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Lomerell's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 11:25 AM | #5
I started an in-depth thread with statistical analysis on this very subject.

To answer the OP's question, I die with anybody but Doc/Kira, and have geared ALL my companions in pre-tier level 49/50.

With Kira, I must rest between every fights, so I use Doc. Universally.

21% of the Knights who mostly use Kira still switch to Doc for hard fights. You can find that (and more) stats here:
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Xaman's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 11:28 AM | #6
Kira is nice, but with Doc I hardly ever die with elites and never have to rest between battles.

Only thing I had my first PvP fight while doing PvE yesterday and got owned by the Sith fellow. He went after Doc first and once he was dead I didn't last much either. Guess I should have gone for his companion first too.

Cedia's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 11:28 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by EdAraujo View Post
I suffered until I got Doc.
Playing as a Sith Juggernaut with Quinn, I can't even imagine leveling my Guardian to get Doc.
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Smashbrother's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 12:10 PM | #8
Go Doc or go home. There's no reason to use any other classes.

Eugee's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 12:35 PM | #9
I'm 50 now on my defense guardian. I used T7 till I got Kira, used Kira till I got Doc, used Doc for about 2 levels, then went back to Kira. Used her until 50; my time to kill and recover with Kira was just plain faster, and I kept both of them geared. When I have Kira out my kill time is more than halved, and this becomes readily apparent with elites. Downing an elite on Corellia was taking less than 30 seconds on Kira (saber throw wasn't refreshed before fight ended) so even with a max rest that's 45 seconds.

With Doc it took over a minute to drop the same elite (force stasis used twice), with usually zero rest afterwards.

Fighting standard packs I would rest every 2-3 fights, or while Kira was gathering something. With strongs I would rest every 1-2 fights, depending on how much of their damage was interruptable. On elites I rest every fight.

Using Doc the only time I ever had to rest was after elites, typically, and even then it was rare. It was much SAFER leveling with Doc, as even a blunder on my part usually was something I walked away from, but I had no issues at all leveling with Kira, and my start-to-start fighting time was faster.

Now that I'm 50, I rotate companions around a lot when doing Ilum dailies, depending on what I need. If I'm slaughting packs of standards repeatedly, I pull out Rusk and let him AE away. Taking down strongs, I grab Kira and wail on them. Working my way through a winding cavern with lots of patrols, I pull out Doc for the safety net. I don't really use T7 or Scourge because they are redundant for a defense guardian. Kira & Rusk do damage better than them, and I don't need a tank.

rexryan's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 12:48 PM | #10
If kira had an out of combat heal she would be perfect!