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Companion Issues

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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05.21.2019 , 01:27 PM | #61
Hi... when you guys fix companions... please make it so that a ranged gun using companion can use ANY gun i choose to give him/her whether it be a pistol a rifle or a cannon..... if i am using Lana Beniko as my companion.. let me choose if i want to give her one lightsaber.. two. or a double. i'm not sure if that would be possible to do at all.. but it would open up more customization options for companions and i think it would be pretty sweet

also make companion stance keybind able... i know you can't change a companions role while in combat.... but even out of combat for someone who changes companion role a lot it gets really annoying having to mouse over and and click the role multiple times i hate clicking >:O! lol... that is all goodbye <3

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05.21.2019 , 01:43 PM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by xordevoreaux View Post
II don't feel like walking around with the same companion has every other player just because that is *THE* companion to have because all the other companions are comparatively useless
Who cares what companions other people use? They're not playing your game and you're not playing theirs. What other people choose is irrelevant. What a ridiculous reason for choosing one.
Quote: Originally Posted by aerockyul View Post
Id find it hard to believe this sort of thing goes on in the preferential treatment forum.

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05.21.2019 , 01:46 PM | #63
Quote: Originally Posted by kodrac View Post
Who cares what companions other people use? They're not playing your game and you're not playing theirs. What other people choose is irrelevant. What a ridiculous reason for choosing one.
This. If you like a certain companion for their personality or their character, use them. Nobody is shoehorning you into a certain companion just because they are statistically the best.

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05.21.2019 , 03:12 PM | #64
Quote: Originally Posted by Loadsamonie View Post
This. If you like a certain companion for their personality or their character, use them. Nobody is shoehorning you into a certain companion just because they are statistically the best.
I agree also. I don't care who is the "FOTM" companion, I just use whom I like an level them up. Seems fine for all the content I run atm.
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05.28.2019 , 12:21 PM | #65
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
"However, this issue has actually been around since launch."
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
"We are working to get these types of issues resolved as fast as we can!"
Isn't there a contradiction here?

Yes, I realize it's also said: "That is where we discovered a pretty substantial issue with how Companions were built which is causing this to happen."

So really the issue comes down to discovering these issues in the first place; which obviously has to happen before any fixing can begin. It's also said: "became more noticeable with that update."

I want to be cautious here because we have to be supportive of these kinds of posts that are honest about what is going on. But we also have to consider how what's going on might impact the future.

Case in point, the above kind of thing has to be scary to the developers. If something like this can go this long -- and, as a bit of history, this was reported internally very long ago, when discussions about using orchestrators for testing occurred -- it can lead you to wonder what else is lurking around. We already know there are many long-standing bugs that are visible. If there are also many long-standing bugs that are invisible -- or at least only selectively visible based on updates -- that's a scary situation.

That goes to this point: "We thank you for all of the reports around these issues as they were very helpful in isolating the root causes to work towards addressing them."

Absolutely. Kudos to the community for being able to help. But a better discussion might be around how testing is improving on Bioware's end to make sure that users aren't the primary testers who have to help you find long-standing (previously reported or otherwise) bugs and then ferreting out root causes.

I hope this was not seen as an overly negative post. So I'll state again: this communication is very welcome. But it will also obviously lead to many more questions by critical thinking players. Given that SWTOR development continues and given that it's clearly being built over a platform over many existing bugs (that we know of and likely many others that we don't), I think bringing this concern front and center is worth it.

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05.28.2019 , 12:34 PM | #66
Quote: Originally Posted by xordevoreaux View Post
If it takes me longer to slog through mobs with any other companion, because there's one ranged companion with special abilities that mows everything down, then the choice isn't about the companion any more, is it? It's about the math, regardless of the pretty little shell it's wrapped up in or its voice-overs, and with no survey in hand to back me up, I'll say most people gravitate to what's most effective.
You know, it really is. First I heard about Shae Visla being brokenly overpowered is this thread, and, I still don't use her, even though I have her on every toon I'll ever roll up. Maybe it's because I'm old school? I used to solo the H4 on Oricon, back when that was end game content, with a Shadow tank and Nadia Grell, a DPS comp at the time. My sniper's main comp, outside of forced comps for story, is Temple. That's the only comp I have across 28 characters that has 50 influence too. If you find you're "slogging" through mobs, I'd suggest that the issue isn't the comps.
Quote: Originally Posted by Transcendent View Post
Also, just a small point. Why should anyone who plays this game exclusively for any particular type of content, have to run a different type of content just to earn gear? What is that attitude all about?

DarthMetalJoey's Avatar

06.21.2019 , 03:01 PM | #67
hi when you guys eventually fix companions please make it so i can choose what weapons they use

if using jaesa let me give her one , two or a double bladed lightsaber

if using vette let me choose to give her two blasters, a rifle , a canon , etc

beyond fixing the bugged state of them i think that would be pretty sweet!

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06.21.2019 , 05:21 PM | #68
New System : On line
Game access: Confirmed
Final test mode: Completed

Analysis: All systems fully functional and operational.

IMO: this is what needs to happen to the companions. It had to invest a little more capitol than expected (though admittedly worth every penny spent) ... But the results have already proven to be every bit as anticipated.

Companions: Once a strong part of the game in so many ways have now become something of a difficulty and disappointment on many levels.

Don't scrap them. Don't minimize them !! Don't cut the budget that paves the way for continued development. In fact if anything:
1. Bugs need to be dealt with.
2. Many players thoroughly enjoy them. Reducing the amount of time and genuine interaction with them would be to offend a significant percentage of the population of those who play this game. Additional time with and interactions with said companions would benefit the entire game while keeping a large population of paying customers happy! (BTW... that is a good thing !)
3. Just in case something was over looked in point #2 .. EXPAND the amount of time and types of activities with companions.

In short : give the companions of this game an old fashion shake down. Invest some capitol ... TIME ... further development and expansion in this area. I think EVERYONE will be extremely pleased with the results.

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06.21.2019 , 06:42 PM | #69
There is a work around as I posted in another thread. Make a hotkey for companion passive button. Hit key companion runs to you then hit it again to activate companion. It isn't perfect but works just fine.
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06.21.2019 , 07:00 PM | #70
I just set my Companion to Passive right off, when I get to the Mob I order them to attack whoever then fight on as normal; usually I'll set them back to Passive until the next mob. That's Cumbersome and Undermines everything with our Comp's but, *For now, it works. Considering their Post Zakuul lack of influence also now they're almost totally useless at all.
As for other peoples "Running Buddies" and my own; I use Who-Ever I want (which is really never the Zakuul story figures substituted my own with) nobody else's business. For other peoples comps, none of my business.