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Dueling Banner not appearing in Collections

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Dueling Banner not appearing in Collections

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05.27.2013 , 06:04 PM | #1
The Dueling Banner from the Blockade Runner's pack, if already existing on players account prior to 2.1, does not appear in Collections tab under Toys, it shows locked and does not count towards the percentage total for unlocked collections.

This item is consumed on use and is unable to be 're-used' to make it appear in the Collections list. CS has been unable to help in my 3 bug reports on this problem (tickets 8980279, 9033764 & 9098569), each time giving
the item must also be bound to your character in order for it to be unlocked in your Collection
line which, I'm sorry, is not possible, as the item is CONSUMED when first activated. Then there was this one:
If you haven't already, you will need to use/have used the Dueling Banner before it will show in the Collections tab as it is a Bind-on-Use item.
which means the item has already bound to my account - what is bound cannot be rebound. If a CS droid can explain to me how a consumed item can be reused to unlock it I'll eat my spacestation ...
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