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Saber throw glitch

xXxSPYROxXx's Avatar

05.26.2013 , 08:12 AM | #1
I have been getting a glitch commonly the last few weeks more so on my TANK juggernaut (though it has happened on my marauder once or twice) where the character throws his saber at a enemy but the saber doesn't return. When this happens the character stands there with his arm extended and nothing happens. Other times when you get this glitch the saber spins in circles in his palm, again with his arm extended and nothing happening. I have noticed its more likely to occur when you saber throw without manually dismounting and also if its simply your opening attack.

It delays your next attack when it glitches, and during the rest of the combat you see your character extending his arm instead of returning to combat stance. The glitch generally lasts until the mob is dead, if not sooner.