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Bonus sets for new comer

aspgik's Avatar

07.26.2019 , 06:40 AM | #1
Hi everyone,

I guess they was plenty of this kind of topic, but i couldnt find a recent enough to answer my questions ;-)

Iím new in SWTOR. yes, they are some ! I have something like 2-weeks playing. I have a limited time to play, i will never be a power player with high-end stuff.
Iím understanding basics. But when you are a newcomer, itís very hard to understand all mechanics that where added over years.

Well, about my question : i lvlup my first character to 70, now lvlup command ranks. I get a decent stuff from command crates, commander set with bonus.
I know i must collect all parts in the highest quality, and put the best augments possible.

Apart from cool looks, are they any other set giving intersting bonus set for our class in current build ?
Or should i keep my ressource to collect another better setthan this commander set ?

Thanks for your help !

Equeliber's Avatar

07.26.2019 , 11:29 AM | #2
There is currently only one set bonus for each of the dps/heal/tank classes (one dps set for sorc + 1 heal set for sorc; simply 1 dps set for sniper and so on). The only difference is in the rating of the mods. From command crates you can get maximum of 248 gear drops and random 252 gear boxes (these start at command rank 300). On Ossus you can get 252 and 258 directly.

I don't recommend working too hard on gear right now. In about 2 months we will have a new expansion that will raise the level cap to 75 and we will have completely new gear. There will be multiple set bonuses per class as well.

aspgik's Avatar

07.26.2019 , 04:40 PM | #3
Thanks for your reply !
I guess i will focus on lvling commander ranks, discovering full stories and lvling others class then.

Cheers !