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10-29 bolster

BadHoneyBadger's Avatar

01.01.2015 , 11:57 AM | #1
Many people complain about bolstering in the 30-59 bracket but I feel that things need to change in the 10-29 as well after starting to level a new character. Going into a pvp match on a sniper at level 13 I bought all adaptive gear and crafted blue's to place in them. During this WZ I finally hit my 3k medal with 1 min left in Novara Coast which hey its 10-29 I understand. However I was continuously getting hit for 2-3k non crits on abilities such as shiv and since this was imp vs imp I could go examine another players gear. The 23 Op that was hitting me had blue armourings level 19 and green lvl 15 mods/enh and an earpiece, I had 1351 expertise while he had right at 1500 with less rarity and under level gear.
What I think needs to change is the penalty for missing slots in 10-29 specifically pre 19. At 15 start penalizing for missing earpiece since this is the first one you can craft and one is available on DK mission, then add in penalty at I believe 19 for implant and relic. Why penalize pre level 19 with less possible damage and less HP when there is no way to correct it due to game design since you are unable to fill these slots before this time?

Catholicc's Avatar

01.01.2015 , 04:38 PM | #2
You can get your first relic at 15. (Matrix Cube)

Beyrahl's Avatar

01.01.2015 , 04:57 PM | #3
Lowbies it's really all about filling every slot with something, along with making sure you have way more mainstat then endurance mods/armorings to get a good bolster. With every slot filled you should get 2018, it's not impossible to get 2018 bolster in lowbies, had it on my sniper.