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10-39 and 40-50 PvP Brackets

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10-39 and 40-50 PvP Brackets

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02.01.2012 , 06:52 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Heptakaideka View Post
the answer we were looking is, "pvp brackets are quite necessary". 10-39, 40-50.
At least for now, I think you are right. Population on some servers are low and the 50's on those servers are not getting any games. I know a lot of servers don't have that problem and I should've choose a better server but it is what it is.

Perhaps they could implement a 40-50 queue and along with the bolster the <50s would get an expertise buff. Either that or they could put expertise on the >level 40 PvP gear. I'm thinking the buff would be more appropriate because this may not be something they want to continue doing.

Although there may not be a huge gear/ability desperation between a 10 and 49, there is a skill difference for some players.. but I'm not sure if 10-39 would make much of a difference.

To sum up, the biggest reason why I liked this idea is so that 50's on lower populations and off-timers could get more action.