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10-49 PVP players are killing pvp

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10-49 PVP players are killing pvp

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05.03.2012 , 03:36 AM | #31
This really goes for all players, in all brackets. But being rude to people over the ops channel in a wz, is not constructive behaviour, and will NOT unite that team, and get them 'back' into the game. I put rage insults down to petty, inexerienced younger players, who easily get frustrated with games they have no control over, and may in fact LOOSE.

Your going to have to learn in life, to choose your battles, and accept you 'cant' win every battle in your life. That SAID..

The problem is with many players in the game, they and collectively 'we' all suffer the same problems from certain individuals. Because of their lack of experience, we and yourself, are not able to play at our best, or in the roles suited to our game play style, and class.

I was yesterday playing solo, and constantly in loosing Warzone's, I really don't care what anyone says about this, but one or two, Battle masters and a war hero, cannot win a warzone, when the rest of the team, are in recruit gear, or lower. This combined with the problem, half the team do not know how to coordinate with the rest of the group. Often seeing very scattered players, and not 'forming up' into a strike team. The aspect is, is working off each other, and using each others skills to coordinate your attacks against other players. Too many times I see CC's being broken, by players who don't understand the reason for the CC going up in the first place. This being said, this requires some logic, and awareness of what's going on around you too.

Objectives ?! - don't make me laugh, I always play for objectives, more so than kills. Yet if were controlling two turrets on Alderaan, you will get some people who will still want to take the third one, even though you don't 'need' it.

OK so why is it, people abandon a turret ? - because they are stupid ? or because they saw 4 or 5 enemy suddenly popping up, and they KNOW they can't defend against them, yet they still call them as incoming over the channel. Funny enough, people still expect you to stay there and fight for that few seconds of precious health. Regardless of the fact that 'they' will never, get there in time anyway ! They will already be capping that turret anyway, by the time they even shown up !!

If we all at least learned to work together more as a team, and not run away, we all make mistakes, and its 'allowed' - its a game, remember that. I don't, as well as many other players, pay for a subscription that we get insults and very personal remarks against us. You in turn don't pay one, not to be able to play and have a good chance of a win in War zones either. No you 'dont' have a right to tell people to get out of 'YOU'RE' war warzone either. It's a shared commodity, and learn to help people, not shout at them like they are a clumsy child.
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05.03.2012 , 03:47 AM | #32
There are a few things to bear in mind here.

1. It's the lowbie bracket - where new players and alts play. Note that new players are just that - new. They are learning the game. So you just have to expect and accept bad play there.

2. The PVP dailies are a joke sub-50. A couple of medpacs and a green item not even for your class? Not to mention having to leave where you're questing to go to the fleet to get/finish it. And the fact that you can't pick up the next daily until the next day! Surely it should simply not let you pick up the new one if you've already picked up a daily in the last 24hrs.. So basically, compared to the 50 bracket, there simply isn't the need to focus on winning. The benefit simply isn't there. I suspect many alts like to get away from standing alone, guarding objectives, suiciding just to get that cap interrupt etc.. and just want to have fun wrecking face.

Can't really blame the players on either count. If you want competetive objective-based teamplay, the 10-49 bracket simply isn't the place for it.