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10-20 fps in warzones, any1 has tips to improve?

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10-20 fps in warzones, any1 has tips to improve?

Shadosin's Avatar

01.29.2012 , 04:33 PM | #1
Hi peeps, imo i have a fairly strong com, atleast i have never had any problems running games on highest settings fluently till now. Alltho i run about 40fps average outside warzones i see myself dropping to around 10-20 fps when i enter warzones and this COMPLETELY kills the experience for me:/ i have been browsing the interwebz for god knows how many hours for tips on how to improve this, done a few tweaks and other stuffs which didnt do too much for me, did increase it by maybe 5fps tho, but still its quite painfull when ur used to games running smoothly. Today i even tried reinstalling windows and with swtor installed as first and only program so far, just to check it wasnt all my programs that messed up my comp, it wasnt -.- problem persists... anyway if any1 has tips that did it for htem pls share:-)

Ps: before u start trolling, YES i did try lowest settings, it was even worse

Norr's Avatar

01.29.2012 , 04:39 PM | #2
Yeah it's not your settings, it's the games sub-par coding. I drop from 70 down to around 20 myself. Skyrim on ultra? No problem. Huttball on low? Keep dreaming.
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