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Flashpoints - A Guide for New Players

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Flashpoints - A Guide for New Players

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08.07.2013 , 05:11 PM | #231
Thank you. You are all very kind to say such nice things.

I really should check back here more often; I have not looked at this post in a very long time, but evidently the post has kept on growing. Thanks to all of you who have found this useful and posted such. I'm glad that I could contribute something, even something this small, to such a fun community of players.

Say hello if you're ever on The Jedi Covenant server, which is what Kathol Rift changed to some time ago. I'll either be on one of my imperial toons (Toro, Vyle, Gretski), who are in The Skirata Clan guild, or on my republic toon, Surdas, who belongs to the sister guild, Clan Skirata.

Keep up all the good work, and may the phat lewts continue to drop

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