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Leave the Sorcerer/Sage Class Alone

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Leave the Sorcerer/Sage Class Alone

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02.07.2020 , 09:49 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Ghost_Spectre View Post
No reason to get hostile about reading comprehension. I made the post, you replied to it. I never talked about Force Storm/Quake, so it's confusing you even brought it up.

When I said AOE, I meant CL/TK Wave. No other class has such a low CD powerful AOE instant (coupled with a root), except maybe Pyro/Plasmatech (ha).. and even then, that's a conal.

Secondly, I have seen some incredible single target numbers from TK / Ling in NiM. If you think the single target damage needs improvement, then perhaps you should look into your rotation and set bonus/tactical procs.

Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
No, he means ling. The nerf he is talking about was the one in 4.0 where force storm would slow / snare and do a truck load of damage.
"ling" isn't an ability, it's typically used to describe the spec "Lightning." Do you mean Chain Lightning/ Telekinetic Wave? Also, I wasn't talking about Force Storm/Quake whatsoever.


TBH, the devs probably nerfed Force Storm because noobs would spam it in PVE and PVP and not know anything about how to play their class. Against trash mobs, it stunned them. In PvP, it was used to stop caps, fluff damage, or troll another player(s). It certainly wasn't part of any rotation or your main damage dealer. But regarding pvp, it comes down to whether you consider fluff damage chart numbers better than actual kills and killing blows.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Trolltar View Post
I believe he's quoting a frequent contributor to these forums. His name is Strawman.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lunafox View Post
Thanks Rion Starbrah.

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02.07.2020 , 08:20 PM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by lord-angelus View Post
Lighting sorc doing almost pt numbers from 35 meters with self cleanse, heal, better defensives and better mobility. Not to mention face tanking on pvp. What game are you all playing? It should and will get nerfed. Dot> burst, melee >range. This is the way. Does healing spec needs buff? Absolutely, completely useless atm, does madness need buff as well? Maybe a little bit.

But like please drop the 'uuu my main suck, fu bioware you don't how to balance classes'.

To OP. If every class does the same number with additional abilities that's not a balance. That's imbalance. Like didn't you cry 2 months ago you couldn't play the game cause its too hard and no one was expecting you without a sin tank?

What did you clear so far to make comments what class is balanced and what is not? Game is not revolving around MM flashpoints. Anyone who don't do gods NiM or high level ranked olease do not comment about class balanced. %90 of time you are wrong and don't know what you are talking about. On the other hand it's really funny so you may as well
Im sorry but this is verry incorrect + you leave out allot of important info first of all All the burst damadge a sorc can do and there main spells that you should be scared of are relatively long cast that can quite easy be LoS'd and interupted (outside of cd windows) + they have the bigest telegraph of hey im gonna do damadge now pop a dcd or hide out of all the classes if you are consistantly getting hit bye tk's there burst combo you kinda deserve to lose as you are letting the tk do what it wants even tho you are capeble of stopping it.
Secondly lings/tk's damadge comes no where close to the best especialy in burst mara ops sins pts all out burst sorcs while not heaving to deal with LoS And interupts.
3thly sorcs are aside from guardians and juggernauts the squishiest class in the game we have One Dcd baseline we can spec into a few dr's and have1 get away in phase walk witch is verry hit or miss just go play a sorc vs double op sin and mara in ranked while your team sits back in your own half and sits on your phase walk see how usefull that skill becomes then.

now you do make a somewhat fair point in that the game should not be balanced around the higest level content as that is the minority of players (this is how i read your comment please correct me if im wrong)
the thing with this is the average and low end players often A play what is fun or B what people tell them is good this is wy you see sorc and tks quite a bit they are probebly the most flashy and one of the most fun classes to play
while they do not have a huge barrier to entry like some other classes.
but this is also one of the reasons they have been nerfed into oblivion many times before becous of the fact they are so popular class the moment they become viable like now not even strong just viable people flood back to them and im pretty shure bw uses stuff like the ammount of X played of a class to see what classes are over preforming even tho that is not always a good number to look at

+ if you realy want to screw over sorcs go into a pvp match witha friend both play a merc and you can make a sorc ragequit

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02.07.2020 , 08:38 PM | #63
Quote: Originally Posted by Ghost_Spectre View Post
Yup. However, you can't tell them that, they know it all. Quite possibly, said individual was blown up by a sorc player knowing what they were doing in a 1 v 1.
+ this post XD
People are so conditioned over the last what 5 years orso of being able to face tank a sorcs burst that since they actuly do some damade now they instantly shout op instead of thinking what did i do wrong

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02.08.2020 , 10:36 AM | #64
Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post

"ling" isn't an ability, it's typically used to describe the spec "Lightning." Do you mean Chain Lightning/ Telekinetic Wave? Also, I wasn't talking about Force Storm/Quake whatsoever..
Um yeah I know that. I was refering the the class, and yes, I was being a bit lazy cause I was dead tired when I was typing on my phone.

What I mean was back in 4.0 they nerf lightning sorcs (ling) by removing the snare on force storm and making it have a CD (which in all fairness, was OP as hell). But they only did that after they messed up the single burst rotation of the class and nerfed single target damage first, which wasn’t the OP issue and it shouldn’t have been touched.

We told Bioware from the start what the OP problem was and Bioware nerfed the wrong thing and left the FS fiasco keep going for another 3 months. When they finally nerfed it, they over did it and didn’t restore the single target burst they incorrectly nerfed to start with.
They totally ruined the classes abilities with single target burst and ontop of that they ruined its rotation and made it clunky. They essentially neutered the class for 3 years because people call for Nerfs and Bioware have a knee jerk reaction to it without understanding the problem.
This is why so many long term Sorc players are nervous about any Sorc changes. We’ve seen first hand how Bioware handle nerfing Sorcs.

BioWare don’t understand the classes. They don’t listen to the players on what the actual problems are and so they always nerf the wrong ****.
Point in fact. Look at the fiasco we had with mercs in the last meta. No one in pvp had an issue with their dps, no one with half a brain asked for their dps to be nerfed. The problem was and still is (slightly) their DCDs being OP.
But Bioware didn’t listen to damn thing anyone told them and they nerfed Merc dps and left the DCDs alone. All that did was make them weaker in pve and it did nothing to stop them being OP in pvp.

As for the tactical I was referring to earlier, it’s the one that procs chain lightning twice. My bad if there was some confusion. It’s hard to proof read on the phone sometimes

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02.08.2020 , 10:39 AM | #65
Quote: Originally Posted by Void_Singer View Post
Lemme stop you right there.... if a Ling is out parsing a PT, the PT is doing something very Very VERY wrong

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02.09.2020 , 01:26 PM | #66
WTB armor penetration for energy based lightning abilities and Crushing Darkness.

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02.10.2020 , 02:03 AM | #67
Quote: Originally Posted by Templock View Post
WTB armor penetration for energy based lightning abilities and Crushing Darkness.
I can't tell if you're kidding or not...
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02.10.2020 , 04:30 AM | #68
Quote: Originally Posted by Transcendent View Post
I can't tell if you're kidding or not...
I'd respond to this but I'd get probated. Rest assured it wouldn't be very flattering for you.

Edit: Do you not know that energy and kinetic based attacks are mitigated by armor? Do you not know that the only abilities a Lightning Sorc uses that aren't mitigated by armor are Thundering Blast and Affliction?

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02.13.2020 , 04:05 PM | #69
I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been standing up for Lightning Sorcs and saying to leave them alone and not nerf them cause while some my assume my original post is biased, the fact of the matter is I do like playing a jugg tank but my ultimate favorite class to play is a lightning sorc. I have sat here and watched this class be nerfed to oblivion, been made out as an idiot for playing the spec and many other things but I just absolutely love the spec and it is finally viable again and it just doesn't need to be nerfed, there is no evidence supporting the need for it to be nerfed if you look into parsing and the class itself.

And as for those screaming "You shouldn't be using one armor set." to you I say "That's the point of the game." to use the best armor set in the game and build it so you can do the best DPS output your spec can perform. To sit here and say we should be using different armor sets and tacticals is insanity. Maybe we should be using different builds between PVP and PVE but different armor sets and tactical? And yes I am well aware that there are some tacticals that are better for certain fights in certain contents (I am well aware of the assassin's Go To Sleep tactical, which is a favorite if an assassin is in a group for skipping contect as it allows the ability to sleep two enemy NPCs instead of one), the lightning sorc is a single target class with only, as far as I am aware, two AOE attacks, Chain Lightning and Force Storm. It is a burst spec single target class made to occasionally AOE if need be. Although if done right a lightning sorc can proq Chain Lighting a lot if they knew what they are doing. To me the Gathering Storm Armor Set and the Sormwatch tactical are the best things to happen to a lightning sorc since their nerf in 3.0 and Bioware doesn't need to change it.
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