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Gunnery vs. Assault Specialist

Astares's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 05:34 AM | #11
Assault Specialist gets more AoE damage. Assault Plastique ability and Rain of Fire skill puts it out front of Gunnery for AoE damage. Gunnery is a single target dps focused tree. Gunnery has no extra AoE ability (well improved ability since it basically replaces Sticky Grenade) and no skills that buff an AoE ability directly.

Assault Specialist is more mobile then Gunnery but not a lot, you should still be using Full Auto and Charged Bolts to proc Ionic Accelerator so you will be standing still often. For PvP though Incendiary Round and the Plasma Cell effect allows you to spread the damage across a lot of targets will still moving.