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Amplifier Feedback - Spoils of War

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Amplifier Feedback - Spoils of War
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05.30.2019 , 06:53 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Jdast View Post
My first reaction to this addition was, frankly -- why?

By your own admission they seem to be pretty inconsequential in terms of balancing, which is fine --particularly given all the other new gearing changes. And while I'm certainly not opposed to the idea, it strikes me as as a potential waste of development time.

Until we know the details about how much these amplifiers improve stats, I'm kind of meh. You seemed to go out of your way during the stream to suggest they don't impact balance -- which begs the question: Why introduce them then in the first place?


There are players (Maybe 1/2%) of SWTOR who do the hardest content, who gear to the leanest min/max of gear. Amplifiers are a chance to give them hours of gameplay hunting to get that 0.5% stat increase to push their build to the extreme. Think of games like Diablo and some of the player mentality there.

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05.30.2019 , 06:57 PM | #12
Basically my concern is how these things will add up to being overpowered.

Something like armor pen can be insane on a marauder/sentinel or snipe/gunslinger cause much of their damage is kept in check cause it is physical damage.

So, if each gear piece gives 2% armor pen and we got 14 pieces it builds up to 28% armor pen wich is huge and will be a big problem in PvP.
So, try to keep these things from spiraling out of control.
If the same pieces give 0.75% each for example then it's a more manageable 10% armor pen.

Basically, i'm concerned these things will get out of control if they are damage increasing or healing increasing stats. Because it will make the damage even more bursty and i don't think the burst is low as it is. It is quite strong. People get blown up quite easily. It really can't be getting any worse. It actually needs to go down or max hp needs to go up.

This is the only feature of the gearing system i am seriously concerned about atm.

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05.30.2019 , 07:24 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by hillerbees View Post
I'm a little unclear as to whether these amplifiers are a temporary addition that wear off after a period of time or something that is afixed to a mod or shell permanently.

As someone who crafts and also likes to participate in competitive play in the best gear I can at the same time am I going to be able to swap between amps easily and without cost or have I got it alll wrong?
Its a extra stat/boost that is added to your piece of gear, and also mods. (enhancements and armorings as well.) So take for example your bracers. They can have 3 amps on at once, or with chest piece there will be 4, or with earpiece there is only one. They can all be the same or different, based on the RNG system that gives them.

I know a lot of people have no clue what this game is, but the mobile game of Sword Art Online Integral Factor, has this on weapons and gear. When you craft a item, it has a chance of giving a boost, +1-10 attack, +1-10 defense, +1-10 evade, ect ect. Basically same thing here, but the amps are not limited to just stats, exp and gathering boosts as well. And each shell and mod (enhancements and armorings) will have a potential for a amp bonus added to it.
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05.30.2019 , 07:25 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Agenteaglestrike View Post
There are players (Maybe 1/2%) of SWTOR who do the hardest content, who gear to the leanest min/max of gear. Amplifiers are a chance to give them hours of gameplay hunting to get that 0.5% stat increase to push their build to the extreme. Think of games like Diablo and some of the player mentality there.
^ Yep this.
Some people just want the minimum to get the content done, others want to go high and others want to push it to the max. This lets them.
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05.30.2019 , 07:27 PM | #15
Quite honestly folks this is why I said what I did about accessibility. Regardless of how frequent .. or if these items are crafted (man someone's going to make a small fortune here !) ...

Accessibility is the key to the balance. I hope this makes sense. for PvE players the balance equates as to how fast they can succede in moving through areas where the better drops are at ... consquently better gear ... etc. etc.

For PvP it's considerably more important that the balance of the game is kept in check.

Aside from this ... I REALY do plan on reserving my final review on all of these new items until we get things in motion. Only then can we know for certain how well balance things are. This is not a rant... just a calm review of what we know right now !

brittishcoal's Avatar

05.30.2019 , 08:31 PM | #16
Thanks for the stream guys.

The amplifiers are the one thing I really wanted to give my feedback on. Perhaps there just isn't enough info on how these work, but I'm a little confused as to the role amplifiers play in the gearing ecosystem. Tacticals seem to play a role of defining your playstyle, set bonuses maybe less so but still can modify your abilities, mods "uninteresingly" change your stats (more item rating, more damage). So where do amplifiers come in. From the sound of it, they simply sound like increased damage, survivability, etc. I'm not clear what they provide that mods don't. It seems like amplifiers provide the same sort of effect, only with less of an impact.

The main difference I see is they are locked behind a further wall of RNG. While mods have fairly simple RNG (gear will randomly drop approximately higher than around your gear level), the RNG on amplifiers sounds more random as there are more options (healing etc.) Furthermore, the RNG will be behind a credit sink for rerolls.

Personally, I'm not a fan of tying gearing into the economy (so I'm also a little frustrated with augments, but that's a whole other thing), but I see this as an even bigger problem with an added RNG element, which I believe will lead to frustration.

TLDR; Is the reward of amplifiers adding anything interesting to the game that isn't already there? And is the added frustration of RNG worth that reward?

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05.31.2019 , 06:06 AM | #17
No hype about this. the current system is already a head hash, this one seem to go deeper.

Please make it simple and clear.
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05.31.2019 , 06:46 AM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Sure thing, I can hit both of those! Weapon shells will NOT have amplifiers while they are not available in Outfitter.

I don't want to get too specific yet but the % value of amplifiers is very small. Obviously if you get a very small bonus on multiple mods it can add up but the overall impact is not a substantial one in anyway. It is mostly about tweaking and customizing.

Will there be weapon appearance? I hate the idea of finding a great, stat'd weapon shell (if that's a thing), but have it clash with my outfit.

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05.31.2019 , 07:11 AM | #19
Amplifiers are the only thing I'm definitely iffy about, while it seems there are multiple ways to get the one you'd like I'm a bit worried about balancing this one out. Sure it allegedly won't affect balance but if so why introduce it anyway? I guess I'll wait and see, as well as hope they are not completely worthless and unbalanced.
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05.31.2019 , 08:39 AM | #20