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Character Sheet stat colors?

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Character Sheet stat colors?

-Kitara-'s Avatar

10.24.2015 , 09:22 PM | #1
I've tried looking for any information on this, but haven't turned up anything. Does anyone know that the different stat colors mean on your character sheet? Such as Mastery being colored green, or Endurance colored yellow? If a dev could chime in on this instead of a bunch of theorized guesses by everyone, that would be most helpful! I didn't see any patch notes regarding this, there's nothing in the in-game tutorials, and even forum and FAQ searches are coming up blank on the issue.. Please help solve this mystery!

orangenkaiser's Avatar

10.25.2015 , 04:38 AM | #2
Green is when those specific stats are being bolstered or buffed, either through GF or with the various class buffs and stims. When you go to one of the core planets, you get level sync'd they turn yellow. If there's nothing affecting them they're just white.
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