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A question for Juggernauts about Juggernauts

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A question for Juggernauts about Juggernauts

-GateKeeper-'s Avatar

02.01.2013 , 10:19 AM | #1
Hi, So I was wondering if anyone could explain somthing to me.

I was in lowbie Pvp for several matches with a Jug who was level 49 who was pretty consistently hitting 4K to 12K per smash on our entire team which ranged from levels 17 to 47. How is this possible for a level 49 Jug to do?

I have a level 50 Jug and have seen crits around that (4-5K not 12K) with my 3/4 Battle Master 1/4 War Hero Gear. But never consistent 4000 - 12,000's. It was the most insane damage per hit I think I've ever seen in this game.

Now as I said before I have a Jug, so I'm not out for blood here, Nor do I think they need to be nerfed into the ground. It's just a different style of class that's all. But is this level 49 hitting constantly this high legitimately or could foul play be at work here? If legitimately could some one please explain to me how? Would be nice to know that I'm missing something. As well as if there's a way to avoid whatever it is he's doing to do so much damage.

His estimated rotation after intentionally letting him attack me several times to attempt to see what he was doing.

Force charge ( Jump )
Force smash
-Rinse and repeat with choke and strikes mixed in when his smash is on CD but never before- Strikes hit me for about 1100-2000. He's level 49 and I was on my 44 Sorc. I have a mix of purple and green mods for my level with correct stats, 41 expertise crystals in both lightsaber and focus and all to-level gear intentionally geared for end-lowbie pvp. (This was on my sorcerer in case anyone is wondering which class I was playing).

Just something I wanted to ask the highly skilled Jugs of the forum.
Also this is again during a war-zone. Don't know if that would really effect it much one way or the other. But on several occasions he did 1 shot a few of our team which is sparked my curiosity.

EDIT: Friend told me that it's possible to use more than 1 attack during the smash animation. He said the damage is delt before the animation finishes. Is this true? If so could that account for the incredibly high damage I saw?

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can offer.
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Vonstagger's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 03:04 PM | #2
You must be missing something. Smash doesn't hit that hard without building shockwave, even with the autocrit from Force Charge/Obliterate. Even on classes in their teens.

Someone is getting Force Choked or Force Crushed to give him the shockwave for the +25% damage/point of shockwave, stacked (up to 4 points).

Zuuf's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 03:10 PM | #3
Rage tree with good gear, high strength, power and surge rating. 20% increase to Smash from Decimate, autocrit on a smash after a jump, 30% Armor Penetration from Shii-Cho Mastery, Dark Resonance gives them an additional 30% damage increase to critical hits. Without crunching numbers, not sure about 12k, but it certainly their most devastating attack. If you see a Jugg leaping towards you in PvP, you should be running away until Smash is on cooldown. (pre jump either hit enrage or hit a straggler with Force Crush/Force Choke to get a 4 stack of Shockwave and damage is doubled.)

MantorokTwelve's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 03:48 PM | #4
12K is definitely feasible on lightly armored enemies.

Never smash without 4 stacks of shockwave and your decimate proc while in rage. This counts for PVP and PVE. Get in some armor sunders if you can while your force crush is building, but don't be OCD about it. I can go into pug warzones with my dread guard gear and do fairly well for myself, only expertise I have is on my WH relic.