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Can we talk about Amplifiers?

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Can we talk about Amplifiers?

jambalayabungee's Avatar

08.17.2019 , 11:49 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by LEBU View Post
I use 7 Pieces of the General Set Shells where I gain +5% Dmg when I guard a Player and I roll all Amps to +1.5% Tech Dmg (Tech Wizardry).

Then I have 9 Armorings/Barrel where I also roll all Amps to +1.5% Tech Dmg.

(7+9) x 1.5% = +24% Tech Dmg

The other thing here, you can only have 9 x armorings on your +5% damage bonus general set + your 2 weapons, not 9 + 7. The amplifiers slots on that set are not combat-related, its more crafting bonuses etc.

so your set is 13.5% tech damage, not 24% ( which is still substantial tho)

The only set that you COULD have 9+7 armoring combat related armoring on is the Amplifier set, that have no other bonus set on it to compensate.

ottffsse's Avatar

08.17.2019 , 12:19 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Folcwar View Post
Honestly, this is a trash System, - adding DPS, Healing and defensive bonuses, in An RnG mechanic within an RnG mechanic is silly - if developers (or others) insist on keeping this system, keep QoL (crafting, companions (maybe an out of combat speed boost)) ones , Remove everything else, Adding combat benefits to this much RnG is just plain stupid.
not only that it is totally pay2win given that if you have billions of credits, you can reroll stuff until you get all the right amplifiers.
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08.17.2019 , 12:24 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by ottffsse View Post
not only that it is totally pay2win given that if you have billions of credits, you can reroll stuff until you get all the right amplifiers.
P2W isn't what you think it is. Paying credits for a random chance on an Amplifier isn't pay to win.
P2W would be you buy the amplifiers directly from BW for $10 each, and there is no way to get them at all in game.

This system is by the looks of it is definitely a Credit sink however.
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Darev's Avatar

08.17.2019 , 12:26 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by ottffsse View Post
not only that it is totally pay2win given that if you have billions of credits, you can reroll stuff until you get all the right amplifiers.
pay2win is actually slightly different.

it's paying real life money direct to the game company to get the best gear.

it isn't using in game credits
it isn't buying CM items with real money to sell for in game items. (that middle step is the key distinction)
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08.17.2019 , 01:13 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Pandoras_Jar View Post
- The percentage that shows up next to the Amp is entirely random (RNG within RNG, yay! ). The highest I've seen so far is 5% and the lowest I've seen is 0.10%.
I've only seen Life steal go to 5% and First strike to 6.6%, all the other amps go to 1.5%. And I would assume that those two are actually chance for effect to trigger while the effect % value is fixed. Haven't tested it though.

Iymurra's Avatar

08.17.2019 , 01:19 PM | #26
Eh, not considering this pay2win because you can't directly buy credits from the CM is a technicality.

Personally, I think the amplifier system is completely and utterly screwed up.
First point of contention I have is this: The damage bonuses do stack, without any amplifiers I got a 31k crit stealthed backstab. With amps I got (tech wizardry and armor pen) a 38k crit backstab AFTER trading away around 1.5k crit rating for alacrity.

The bonuses definitely stack and are a noticeable dps gain. Heres a quick parse I made to demonstrate.
First is with AoE VS, ignore it. Second is no amps Acid Lash tactical, Fourth is amps Acid Lash tactical.
Second is 1.4s GCD, Fourth is 1.3s GCD. I crit for more on fourth parse than second simply due to amp bonuses.

I feel that damage boosting amplifiers have no place in this game. Especially when they break down into specific subtypes of damage. My second point of contention is that basically every class has a "dot" spec and a "burst" spec and the amplifiers you can get subdivide the damage bonuses to attack type (F/T/Weapon) as well as damage type Energy (armor pen)/ Internal (periodic).
Wasn't one of the stated goals for this expansion to make sharing gear easier between characters? This completely negates that stated goal as you now need up to 3 sets of gear per class with each set focusing on the different damage types you deal, Armor Pen is good for Arsenal for example while Periodic would be better for IO. Weapon Expert would be better for IO while Tech Wizardry would be better for Arsenal... etc etc...

Third point of contention is this: Crew Skill specific bonuses are terrible for similar reasons to the above. A well-rounded crafter will have all the crew skills covered on different characters. There is NO POINT then in having armor with Bioanalysis Potency on it as that will benefit one character while the others make no use of it. And why even have crew skill bonuses for missions regardless? If you have one armor set for crafting you're going to be wearing it on the character you're currently playing which bypasses the benefit of having the other characters running missions while they are not logged in.

TL;DR The amps system needs a LOT of work.

P.S. Things like featherweight are bonuses that I do like, they don't affect competitive gameplay in a significant manner but they do have a noticeable impact on gameplay in non-competitive content like heroics, exploration or datacron hunting.

P.P.S. Threat Gen as an Amplifier HAS TO GO AWAY. Don't ship that in live of you're going to get a slew of very pissed off tanks, healers & dps posting on the forums. Threat Gen for companions is fine, Threat Gen for players is unacceptable. Either positive or negative generation.

TonyTricicolo's Avatar

08.17.2019 , 02:16 PM | #27
The system has potential but the rng on top of rng plus a fee each time you roll is going to drive people away from it.
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08.17.2019 , 02:25 PM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by LEBU View Post
I think we really need an in depth introduction from the devs to how the amplifiers are supposed to work. I mean do we even know if two amps of the same type stack? If they dont stack then most of the Amplifiers will be useless on certain classes and you wont see any difference between having amps or not.
And if they stack you will be able to achieve some serious numbers which are nuts.
Completely agree. How on earth have they managed to add them to testing without a thread on how they are supposed to work, what each one does, the cost etc? It seems to be completely random in testing right now.

Quote: Originally Posted by Krazhez View Post
I do agree there should be a warning for recalibration cost, with a toggle off for people that don't want or need it.
I also feel like modifications should not be 100k to pull. The recalibration system and moving mods to a new shell when you get a better set bonus is already going to be credit sinking enough.
And maybe give us 3 or 4 options on rerolling instead of just two?
Possibly a credit cap on max recal cost?
Worse still, as someone else pointed out, the cost is taken each time you open the recalibration interface and the cost is far too high for something we have little to no idea how it's supposed to work or whether there are any actual benefits.

Probably should be postponed or better still - scrapped - until more consideration is given to and time is spent on improving/organising/explaining the system. It is yet another terrible RNG disaster. Why do we even bother feeding back about RNG? I'd rather have to suffer a grind for stuff so long as it's something my character needs.
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08.17.2019 , 04:51 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by TonyTricicolo View Post
The system has potential but the rng on top of rng plus a fee each time you roll is going to drive people away from it.
Agreed I love the amplifiers and there so many amplifiers to customize your character with, but the RNG might be going to far. Maybe lower the start up fee for Recalibration the amp to a 1,000 credits and then it goes up 1,000, or 500 credits each time, people might like it better. 20,000 is too much as a start up fee for Recalibration, for how many there are imo. Again I love idea of it, more customization is always better, but less rng is needed.
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08.17.2019 , 05:08 PM | #30
Kinda surprised at people in this discussion thread actually complaining about getting MORE DPS from the new amplifier system. I thought people were excited about going back to HYBRID specs. This allows us to be unique from every other Jugg or Sniper or whatever. This sorta makes up for them taking away 1 of our 3 set bonus so I'm all for it.

I do agree it needs some tweaking in how it works and is implemented: (1) Add a warning message to the actual Recalibrate button that once clicked, money is taken, (2) Instead of only giving us 2 new choices perhaps 4 or 5, (3) Remove the cost of pulling mods from our gear since this new feature will already be a credit sink, (4) After hitting Recalibrate, don't give us the same amplifier or lesser % one then the one we're rerolling on. Just to name a few.

I think this game needs a shake up. This will definitely do that. It's been kinda stale for a long time so I'm looking forward to it. Can't wait to see Jambalayabungee finished worksheet with all the Amplifiers and their percentages, description of what they do, and which ones are considered 'rare'. Awesome job!
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