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powertech dps

Vysas's Avatar

03.31.2018 , 12:01 PM | #1
anyone checked out pt AP or pyro with tank gear - for example during leveling / on lvl70 - in pvp/pve ?

Mubrak's Avatar

03.31.2018 , 12:59 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by Vysas View Post
anyone checked out pt AP or pyro with tank gear - for example during leveling / on lvl70 - in pvp/pve ?
You can't use a shield in dps spec, so the only question is whether Defense mods are worth it.

In PVE you're trading dps (power) for a higher chance to evade attacks. Power will make you kill stuff faster while defense will allow you to evade some attacks, but the mobs also get to attack you more often before they die, so in the end you're just prolonging the fight. For each situation where a lucky dodge saved you from a hit that would have killed you, there is one where just 10 dps more would have been enough to beat the boss.

In PVP, defense only works against white damage, if RNGesus smiles upon you, you may ruin the day for specs like Marksman, Carnage or Lethality, while Sorcs or Concealment ops won't even notice. All of them will notice your burst damage with high power, though.

If we're talking about Lethal B mods (high endurance + power) +3k health won't make much of a difference with a pool of 129k (augmented 248 gear). and in this case (crafted 246 mods) you'd lose 4% mastery+power to gain 2% health.

For leveling it doesn't really matter either way, you level so fast that you quickly outgrow your gear, but when you upgrade it and go to the next planet you may already be level synced down to the planet's stats because you outleveled it. Don't worry too much about min/maxing gear until you're level 70, just upgrade it between planets.
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