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Whats the point?

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02.21.2020 , 02:05 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Nemmar View Post
" get the best gear for doing nothing". Completely false, as i pointed out before. The vertical progression is the easy part, the hard part comes after with getting the best augments, the best mods/enhancements, amps, set bonuses and tacticals. Easy for you cause maybe you exploited that credit box?

It's selfishness of the highest degree. What do you lose for letting other people have gear progression? Why do you think Operations should be the only challenge in the game and why do you think that dedication to a task can't yield rewards either? You think you are the only one entitled to progression and it can only happen in the way you want it to. Operations aren't even the hardest content in the game. PvP is. And in PvP you need the best gear or you get wrecked. But you want to do your operations and then come wreck other people in PvP cause reasons right? Or take your better gear and flex your e-peen? Skill determines your e-peen and wether you win fights at some point with this gear system. That is the way it should be. Besides, it's always been ridiculous for the hardest content to drop the hardest gear, because what will you need that gear for? You already beat the highest challenge, you obviously don't need it.

Take that entitlement to someone that cares. You want to do ops for your gear, go right ahead. You have that option. You don't have the option to deny others so you feel better about running them. This is not in fact hurting the game at all. It is engaging more people with the gearing system and progression, not forcing anyone into just one gameplay type they may not be looking to do. Instead it lets them focus on fun, on doing what they want and still have a progression path.
For you it has to be the exclusive ops power carrot or no deal. It is utterly close minded. No one is stopping you from playing the way you want, what entitles you to do that for other people? If you don't want to play for fun, then don't play. It means you were forcing yourself in order to get the carrot. I don't think you are a majority of any kind on this. Honestly, not even happy to have exclusive gear on Dxun, you need to have full exclusivity on gear. Honestly...
Selfishness in the highest degree? Its a game, cool it. Other people's gear progression is the RNG system that has been set up into 306 and fine tuning from there. Its still vertical because there is a clear increase in numbers. Operations are the hardest content in the game when done at the appropriate difficulty. Flashpoints are points are laughable at best to anyone that can play the game. Hands down, they are not challenging to someone who has run them more than three times. Operations require much more coordination, skill, and overall effort and therefore, the reward should be higher. PvP is not the hardest content in the game once you are familiar with it, RNG is a factor due to class comps and cool downs but those are factors in many fights currently as well - if you disagree with that, you probably have not done an Operation on NiM. Better gear is the reward for harder content as is the case in every major MMO. If you don't want the better gear and just the accomplishment, good for you. Some people like to carry that into the next phase to make their goals more attainable. It is anything but entitlement to think that someone deserves a greater reward for greater challenge. If you think PvP should reward better gear for "harder content" so be it, or from your point of view that is entitlement too. To get to the best stuff you should have to do the hardest work, or do want a free hand out from devs each week?

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