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Writer Needed/Wanted

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11.14.2013 , 04:34 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by VitalityPrime View Post
I sent you a PM.

I simply cannot thank you enough for this.
I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Your compliments made my day.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
omg Darth Lunafox in the house

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11.15.2013 , 04:26 PM | #12
Here is the letter for you, re-written with the changes you wanted. I hope this works better for you. Just use this in place of the other letter. You can keep the first part as it is. Enjoy.


By the time you read this, I will be long dead. My name doesnít matter. It isnít out of some desperate vanity, that Iím writing to you. Itís so that you can know your beginnings.

I was nursemaid for one of the top noble houses on the world I came to call home. I devoted most of the years of my life to my masterís well being. I share this with you, so that you may know that I was knowledgeable and respected in my positionóthat these arenít mad ramblings from some old woman.

When you study your Republicís history, you will come to know of an attack on the world you were native to, Alderaan. The battle was led by a powerful SithóDarth Malgus. I recognized him, because I was born an Imperial. He was stunning, and ruthless. So that you donít wonder, it was not I, who betrayed our world. I do suspect there was a greater reason for the battle, than merely showing dominance. It is my hope, that you will come to take my meaning.

The day you were born, fire rained from the skies. The mountains heaved and crumbled and the others that live on this world burrowed deep into the soil. While I was away tending to my masterís needs, Imperial ships bombarded the planet. Carriers full of troopers descended and our home was reduced to little more than a crater. I hid in the rubble and watched.

A Sith Lord appeared from the dusty shambles and stalked the area. He was desperate in his search. He used his skills to upturn wreckage and fuselage but found nothing. The world was burning around us. It could have been minutes or hours. I donít know. I waited for the Lord to leave.

Once he was gone, I gathered what nerves I had left, and began to search for my masterís family. They had all perished in the bombing. Lost and alone, for the second time in my life, I was at a loss. My home was everything to me.

I wandered aimlessly, when I heard a faint mewling. I followed the sound, and found you. Newly born, completely aloneÖhow this was possible was beyond me. An infant, such as you were, should have succumbed to the attack, or the cold, but there you were. I took you and cared for you.

When the battle faded, I made inquiries about you, but none knew anyone who expected a child. So I kept you. Your gifts were unlike any Iíd ever seen, even for one so young. I still struggle with the fact of your existence. It was as if you were borne of the battle, forged from fire and prayer. Look within yourself, and you will understand clearly what it is, I am trying to tell you. Your birth, was like no normal birth. You were utterly alone. For all that you endured with such willful persistence, I named you Vitality, because even as death reached for you, you lived.
You lived.
~With respect,
A distant memory...~
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Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
omg Darth Lunafox in the house

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11.15.2013 , 04:59 PM | #13
i need a writer too...
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