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New hairstyles/Character Customizations suggestions thread

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New hairstyles/Character Customizations suggestions thread

Adaliaya's Avatar

04.26.2014 , 11:41 AM | #1
Okay, so suggest here hairstyles/customization features, maybe devs will read this after all

My suggestions are:
Young Satele Shan's hairstyle

Bastila Shan's hairstyle:

These Padme's styles:
I didnt unfortunately find any better picture about last one

And sorry for long links

Haggardbr's Avatar

04.26.2014 , 12:09 PM | #2
As I have suggested in another thread:

This dread style hair, pweeeeeeeeese!
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DarthVengeant's Avatar

04.28.2014 , 12:58 AM | #3
New tattoos for all classes that have them, INCLUDING Twi'leks. I am talking a minimum of 6 new tattoo designs for what you buy/unlock, not just 2.

New Leku wraps for Twi'leks.

New hairstyles for ALL classes including some better long hair designs.

New eye colors for ALL classes, not just humans! (eye colors that remain even when using darkside corruption)

Again, a minimum of 6 things you unlock when you buy the unlock, not just 2.

Mlnvifun's Avatar

04.28.2014 , 06:25 AM | #4
As I also suggested in another thread...

Pigtails 4 Female toons
Obi-wan's hairstyle (with beaded braid) from SWEp1 4 male toons
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Gwena's Avatar

04.28.2014 , 02:05 PM | #5
I suggest new hairstyles that:

1. Have normal hairlines. No receding hairlines (sorry, Elrond!).
2. Are available to all species that use hair.
3. Are not "novelty" hair. We have plenty of crazy mohawks and oddly shaved cuts and "creative" styles that look like something died on your character's head.

Given that, some specific wishes:

1. Long hair for the guys.
2. Side ponytail with layered bangs for the ladies. Could have a twin-tail variation.
3. Long high ponytail (or ponybun) with some loose pieces framing the face. Unisex.

Other suggestions:

1. Human/Cyborg eye colors: purple, light violet, medium green, light icy blue.
2. Tattoos of all types that do not force female characters to wear makeup.
3. Twi'lek skin colors: purple and turquoise, both light and dark shades.
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alSayyid's Avatar

04.28.2014 , 10:50 PM | #6
After coming back to check up on the game after a long leave I was dismayed at the lack of customization. I find the Sith to be lacking tremendously. They need a few more jewelry options and head options considering they cant have tattoos or scars. The new hair styles should be available to all races that have similar hair.

And seeing that there are still the same body types was a bit sad too. Still nothing between slender and huge.
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