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PvP Sorcerer Thoughts and Question Thread

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PvP Sorcerer Thoughts and Question Thread

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12.25.2011 , 02:03 PM | #1
The PvP Sorcerer Thread

Hey guys, Frozen here. I'm a former gladiator in World of Warcraft and experienced MMO player throughout the years. I am currently playing a sorcerer in TOR and I have quite a lot of top tier PvP under my belt. I've been messing with different specs and testing out the viability of Lightning/Madness in PvP. In this thread I'll share my thoughts on the current state of sorcerer's, the specs I use in PvP and what I would like to see for sorcerers. Feel free to ask questions and critique my builds.

The State of Sorcerer PvP
This is probably the touchiest topic in regards to Sorcerer's at the moment. Many players throughout The Old Republic have been raging at being facerolled and omgwtfbbqpwned by Sorcerer's who can escape the fight with 90-100% health. There is no argument in the fact the Sorcerer has a lot of utility with Electrocute, Force Storm, Force Sprint, Force Slow, Creeping terror, Overload and Whirlwind. The list seems daunting and yet I would be hard pressed to say the Sorcerer is "OP". The sorcerer is a squishy glass cannon that can be focused down by 2-3 attackers in but a few seconds. Sith juggernaut's act as a hard counter to the sorcerer because of their ability to tank sorc dots with little to no repercussion. The Operative also gives sorcerer's trouble due to their insane burst openers. A sorcerer that starts a fight with 40% health after an Operative burst does not stand much of a chance in the fight. You also have to take into account that not all of the sorcerer's utilities can be used in quick succession due to the resolve system and thus enemies such as marauders will be able to stay on you after their resolve bar fills up from your vain attempts to cc them. Thus, I feel as if the sorcerer is in a fairly good place this early in the game.

Madness PvP
My Build:
Thoughts: Madness provides more versatility and movement than lightning in pvp. The madness tree allows the player to be mobile, deal fair damage, have an instance Whirlwind, the snare from Creeping Terror as well as the ability to instant cast Creeping Darkness with Wrath procs. The madness sorcerer lacks to ability to sit in one spot and trade damage with any high damage dealing class (marauder, lightning sorcerer, sniper, etc). Madness shines in being able to sit on the fringe of the fight and pick off/eliminate one enemy from the fight by snaring/dotting the player and removing them from the equation. Overall madness PvP is the most viable spec for sorcerers in a top tier pvp environment due to the mobility of the spec.

Lightning PvP
My Build:
Thoughts: Lightning is played as a glass cannon spec with high damage and much lower utility than madness due to the fact that Whirlwind has a cast time, you lack the snare from Creeping Terror and you cannot instant cast Crushing Darkness. The lightning tree is a much less mobile spec and requires affliction to be up for the 100% crit of Thundering Blast. The snare on Overload in the lightning spec is iffy as it is a hard skill shot and you have to be close to your enemies for the spell to have any effect. The snare is nice, but it not as useful as the snare from Creeping Terror. The damage that you deal with lightning allows you to trade with high damage classes such as snipers and marauders without the need to kite, although your ability to deal with more than one player goes down significantly. The additional two second spell school is a plus as you can still spell school an enemy when their resolve bar is full. Lightning is not viable due to the fact that the pivotal abilities of the spec have high cast times and thus puts a target above your head to be focused, controlled and destroyed. The fact that you have a two second Thundering Blast cast and a three second Chain Lightning makes it almost impossible to retain viability.

Hybrid PvP
My Build:
Thoughts: This is one of the only hybrid specs that I consider to be viable in PvP. It seems as though this 0/13/28 talents are one of the few combinations that retains viability in pvp as well as pve. When you have Crushing Darkness up and you get a wrath proc you can cast a free chain lightning (something you cannot do in either of of above specs). It allows the sorc to have the potential for high burst dps without the reliance on cast times as heavily. Lightning spec alone is clunky and to cast dependent to be entirely viable. The madness tree allows a lot of kite-a-bility and allows more sustained mobile dps. I do enjoy this hybrid build as it allows a good combination of the two.

1. Never go into a fight without your Static Barrier, it is a sorcerer's pivotal survival ability and thus you should have it up constantly.

2. You are not a melee, as a sorcerer you should skate around the fringe of the fight dealing high amounts of damage and avoiding getting focused.

3. If you get low pop Static Barrier and Force Sprint away to try to heal/grab a health node.

4. Although I do not have an extensive list yet this is the most important... Do not click or keyboard turn!!!. If you want to be a top PvPer then you need to use keybindings and use your mouse to move. There is no better tip that a seasoned PvPer can give than this one.

Writers Note
Thanks for taking the time to read my thread, feel free to critique my builds and or ask questions for me to answer in the space provided above. Please keep the questions TOR related and not about the OP. Good luck with the Sorcerer! Question for the readers: Would you guys enjoy watching a stream if I were to start running one when I play?
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12.26.2011 , 04:14 AM | #2
Still accepting questions in the thread or via pm.
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12.26.2011 , 04:40 AM | #3
No Corruption? We PvP too!

Good post though thanks! But regarding Tip #2, I kind of prefer if there is a pack of people to be in the middle of it rather than standing a distance away because you are just much harder to target. Maybe just me or that I'm Corruption so I can heal myself, but I find my survival rate tends to increase doing that.

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12.26.2011 , 05:38 AM | #4
thats just funny everybody is posting builds in guides with lightning and madness trees but no corruption seems this tree disappeared for them?

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12.26.2011 , 02:38 PM | #5
I have never been a healer in my MMO days. I have either tanked or been a dps so the concept of healing and stat priority in that category is not my my forte. As a healer you should either try to zone the other teams dps when being a pocket healer or stay as close as possible to avoid getting line of sighted.
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12.26.2011 , 06:18 PM | #6
The biggest issue I am running into in pvp as a 50 Sorc, is our lack of burst. We have alot of CC but almost all other classes have enough CC to murder us in the time we are CC'd with their burst. We are the only class in the game that cannot crit for over 3k. Almost everybody has something that just slams you really hard but us. I get crit for 5k-7.5k by BH/Trooper and Smuggler/IA classes on the regular. The Jedi/Sith Warriors do 2.5k-4k quite a bit and assasins/shadows do around 3-4k every backstab, and they have just as much cc.

Yes, if we aren't focused and we are left alone we can be quite the nuisance and devastating but in most situations we are rushed and burned down in seconds. For the squishiest class in the game our burst DPS seems to be lacking. Healing is fine in pvp though, have seen healers do well, and with 13 points in corruption I heal decently atm too.

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12.26.2011 , 07:00 PM | #7
I agree with you Trivialed, the burst even in the Lightning tree is not even in the same realm as the operative (or its republic counterpart). Something needs to be done about this as operatives can come up behind us and cc us down to 20-30% hp before we have a chance to do anything.
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12.26.2011 , 07:44 PM | #8
When you say mouse to move? Like Lineage2 Click where to move ?

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12.26.2011 , 08:00 PM | #9
Why no love for the hybrid builds? Imo they're stronger than either full spec. Here's what I'm running with:

It gives ample damage while kiting along w/ all the control you'd want from either tree, and still leaves room for burst due to CL w/ a wrath proc.
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12.26.2011 , 08:22 PM | #10
Speaking for a 31pt madness or Wrath/CL build, you really don't need to be bursty like some other classes. Both these builds have amazing mobility, escapes and great sustained dps.

Playing a ranged class is all about positioning, knowing where to stand, where to LOS, ect.. If you can do that you can dominate and put out amazing pressure against multiple opponents. You don't need insane burst, that would push these 2 builds over the top.

Don't let your health get low either, if your being sniped down or whatever use your CC breaker or sprint to get to LOS and throw a heal or 2, re-shield and get back out there even if your at like 75% hp.

If you can position yourself, micromanage your dots/deathfeild/cc you will top damage and kills every WZ your enter and do quite a bit of healing.