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[GUIDE] Awesome pve/pvp dps spec guide for 1.2!

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[GUIDE] Awesome pve/pvp dps spec guide for 1.2!

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06.16.2012 , 05:32 PM | #341
Quote: Originally Posted by Garricus View Post
I'm no longer playing SWTOR, and won't be updating this thread. Daellia looks like he/she has a lot of knowledge with Sorcs, so I'd read up on his/her posts. Maybe a moderator can give you this thread or something so you can edit it, and not lose the popularity of it. Thanks to everyone who used my guides from the beginning and good luck in your future endevors of SWTOR.

Daellia if you are interested in taking over this thread, please message me and I can contact a moderator and see what they can do.
I don't think there is much need for a spec guide as there are, currently, three 'mainstream' viable DPS specs (not counting the weird heal/dps hybrids). 1/12/28 (Hybrid), 3/31/7 (Lightning) and 3/7/31 (Madness) are all so close in terms of raw DPS that the difference is rather negligible.

The main difference in these specs comes from it's difference in playstyle. 1/12/28 (Hybrid) gives you a tiny bit of additional burst through Lightning Barrage, albeit underwhelming. 3/7/31 (Madness) offers little extra over the Hybrid spec, though you lose Lightning Barrage's lil' burst. You gain Creeping Terror which is a nice extra DoT and can be quite useful in PvP (and in some on-the-move fights in PvE, like when running at Gharj). 3/31/7 (Lightning) offers the most burst, but is also very hard to play perfectly due to the amount of procs. Lightning being proc based also makes it dependable on the RNG which can be detrimental in PvP (however, you could line up a sick burst with Affliction > Thundering Blast > Recklessness > instant Chain Lightning > Crushing Darkness > Lightning Barrage).

My opinion is that 3/7/31 is currently the way to go for both PvP and PvE. It does suffer from Force issues when compared to the other spec, but it's mobility far outweights the benefits of Lightning in my opinion. Also, being able to instant-cast Whirlwind and a lower cooldown on Electrocute does a lot for me in terms of being able to kite, much more than Lightning Effusion does. Creeping Terror is also occasionally quite useful, think Huttball to stop a full-resolve guy in the fire. I hardly use 3/31/7 these days, although I would still recommend running this spec for EC, and especially for the Kephess fight.

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06.18.2012 , 09:57 AM | #342
Daellia if you are interested in taking over this thread, please message me and I can contact a moderator and see what they can do.
I no longer play either. My account has just over a month left on its sub time, but after that I won't even be able to post here.
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