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Dark Lords of Kaas Guild Recruiting

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Dark Lords of Kaas Guild Recruiting

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07.09.2019 , 10:59 AM | #1
(Hope this is posted in the right area)

Server: Star Forge
Alignment: Sith Empire
Contact: Vyrassu (in game name) - (whisper or mail a message)
Twitter: DLoK_SWTOR or @DSWTOR

Hello fellow Star Wars: The Old Republic Players,

Are you looking for a casual laid back guild that is relaxing, has plenty of variety to offer to all kinds of different players? Are you tired of being shadowed and ignored by bigger guilds when you join them because you're just a statistic to them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should check out the Dark Lords of Kaas.

Dark Lords of Kaas was designed to have a little bit of everything, such as Ops, Flashpoints, PvP, PvE, RP (Roleplaying) Groups for dailies and heroics, help for story and class quests, we even have some members that will help power level you. We are a level 3 guild (At the time of writing this, might be higher now) So we offer XP, Reputation, and CXP Bonuses. We have a fully established Guild Stronghold, plus 3 other strongholds (Personal) That every member gets keys to so it acts as our 2nd, 3rd and 4th Guild Strongholds, plus we have a Flagship as well.

We welcome all Players, New, Veteran, Skill rank doesn't matter, we are very friendly and will help new players. We will teach you ops and among many other things to help you. Our guild level like I said is 3 at the time of this posting but that will change as we rapidly gain conquest points so we are leveling up at least once if not twice a week. we are a little over a month old but have a strong player base and are very active.

now for the events: We host parties with giveaways and prizes, we have rewards members can earn for completing simple tasks each week. we will always lend a hand to a member in need.

So if any of this sounds interesting to you, the basic information on how to get ahold of us is at the top of the post. We enjoy looking forward to meeting you in SWTOR, and we thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a pleasant day and may the force serve you well!

- Dark Lords of Kaas Staff