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Blog: This Week in Aurebesh

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11.29.2018 , 04:42 AM | #41
This Week in Aurebesh I skip the Aurebesh translation on account of last week's holiday and instead present a list of the top five features I'd like to see SWTOR borrow from its older sibling, World of Warcraft. Don't worry, this isn't a post about tearing down one game to build up another.

Lok’tar Ogar: Five Things SWTOR Should Steal from WOW

While you're there check out some other recent posts including my opinions of the news from last month's Developer Livestream, a review of the first few episodes of Star Wars: Resistance and my recap of the SWTOR Unite event. As always, there are Aurebesh translations sprinkled throughout!

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12.23.2018 , 04:34 PM | #42
This Week in Aurebesh, read my review of Game Update 5.10 Jedi Under Siege, SWTOR's best story update in years. Beware of spoilers!

This Is Not Going to Go the Way You Think

Recent post also include the secret origin of Don the Exiled Knight and my translations of a pair of signs found on Corellia.

See you in 2019!

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03.06.2019 , 05:18 PM | #43
This Week in Aurebesh: I tweek my graphic settings to uncover the writing on a very bright sign on Corellia and hop on the hype train for Star Wars Celebration's Community Cantina!

And We’re in Bloom

Other recent posts include my almost certainly wrong predictions for SWTOR in 2019 and
an overview of the questing and exploration on the new planet Ossus.

Feel free to stop on by!

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04.12.2019 , 09:07 AM | #44
In honor of the Star Wars Fan Community and Star Wars Celebration, This Week in Aurebesh I share three of my favorite memories of SWTOR's community. In addition, thanks to the good people at Bioware and the great Sworista, I am able to run my first ever raffle. If you'd like to win 30 days of free SWTOR sub time, check out my latest post and leave a comment below it.

The deadline for entries is Conquest reset, Tuesday, April 16!

Community and Raffle Time

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05.10.2019 , 04:56 PM | #45
This Week in Aurebesh: Defend the Republic! I translate the first of the four propaganda posters awarded to players as a part of Star Wars Celebrations' Community Cantina Event! In addition, I describe the process I follow to recreate SWTOR's amazing aurebesh signage!

How It's Made

Last week, I shared a short story about the time I almost met the late, great Peter Mayhew.

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06.04.2019 , 07:34 AM | #46
This Week in Aurebesh: I discuss Onslaught's new gearing system: Spoils of War. Amplifiers and Tacticals and Charles Points, oh my!

To the Victor Go the Spoils

My previous post breaks down my top five-ish favorite non-Cartel Market pets in the game. Find out about some of the best plastic pals, fine feathered friends & very good boys & girls that the game has to offer!

If That Orobird Won’t Sing: Top Five Non-Cartel Market Pets

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08.06.2019 , 11:06 AM | #47
I'm a little behind in these posts so here's a quick catch up of what's been going on This Week In Aurebesh since June:

To the Victor Go the Spoils - My overview of the announcement of Onslaught's Spoils of War gearing system.

Conquest! What is it Good For? - My reaction to the recent double-xp-fueled conquest changes.

Dantooine, We're on Dantooine - My review of the Pirate Incursion event on Dantooine.

Gravity Wins Again: The Best Worst Ways to Die in Star Wars: The Old Republic - It's not just the lightsabers and blasters than can do you in, beware killer elevators, bottomless pits and ravenous ancients beasts.

Orange is the New Red - Fight for the Empire! I recreate in english one of the Imperail propaganda posters awarded to players during Star Wars Celebration.

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10.02.2019 , 01:23 PM | #48
This Week in Aurebesh just celebrated its third birthday, somewhat to our surprise, as Vector might say! To mark the occasion, I've translated the ancient Jedi runes near Ood Bnar's datacron on Ossus. I also examine the meaning of the text and the origins of the runes themselves. I hope you'll check it out!

Cracking the Jedi Code

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11.26.2019 , 01:38 AM | #49
This Week in Aurebesh's 100th post is a slightly overdue overview of my first month in SWTOR's new expansion Onslaught, another reason why it's a great time to be a Star Wars fan!

First Impressions: Onslaught

My previous entry is a look back at a selection of my favorite previously translated holographic and neon signs that you might spot on your journey into the underworld of Mek Sha!

Clip Show

Also don't miss my recreation of a simple poster that has long been one of my favorites. In addition I discuss my visit to October's SWTOR's Community Cantina event in New York City!

Buy n Large

Finally, this week, to celebrate the imminent release of Rise of Skywalker, I will be beginning my most epic and personal Dumb Top Five list: My Top Five Favorite Things about Star Wars that aren't movies. I hope you'll come check it out. By the time you read this, the first entry should already by up,

This Week in Aurebesh

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01.06.2020 , 11:33 AM | #50
This Week in Aurebesh kicks off the roaring 20's with my now traditional list of almost certainly wrong predictions for the coming year. Why go for a single when I can swing for the fences?

A Mug’s Game: Five Predictions for 2020

Finally, this week's post is a very non-click-baity review of The Rise of Skywalker, a fun movie I mostly liked.

The Rise of Skywalker Review